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This page is for scheme ideas. If you want to add your scheme to the list, become an editor of this wiki or ask to an editor if he/she can create and edit your scheme article. If your scheme gains enough notability, it will go to the Schemes page. Please write information about the scheme in its own article, and just add the link here. Don't forget to put the author of the scheme here and in the article.

Conventional schemes


Name Category Author
Chess (Sakk) Conventional gameplay Tomi
Jet Pack War / JPW Conventional gameplay FoxHound
Scramble Conventional gameplay Run
Sudden Death Conventional gameplay FoxHound
Zook Training Other schemes Felo


Name Original Author
1HP Hysteria Hysteria FoxHound
Balanced WxW WxW FoxHound
Dolly Sheep Intermediate / Elite Buick
Dynamic Team17 Team17 FoxHound
Earthquake Tower Tower Race Pac-Man
Highsteria Hysteria Fighter
Hysteria Arsenal Hysteria FoxHound
Professional WxW WxW FoxHound
RainCrates Team17 Fighter
Superspeedsheeper Supersheeper Pac-Man
TnTower Tower Race Pac-Man
Weird Shopper Shopper Pac-Man

RubberWorm schemes


Name Category Author
Boom for Weapons / BFW Racing FoxHound
Jumper Conventional gameplay DreamTrance
Neocombat Conventional gameplay DumbBongChow
Snooker Unspecified schemes FoxHound
WeaponXpress Unspecified schemes Pac-Man


Name Original Author
Blitz Fort Sheep Fort DumbBongChow
DBC's Kaos Kaos Normal DumbBongChow
Gravity Warfare Gravity Intermediate DumbBongChow
JetPack Assault JetPack Shopper DumbBongChow
Multi Sheep Race Super Sheep Race / Sheep Glitch lacoste
Nanageddon WeaponXpress Pac-Man
Plop War Rubber Version Plop War Fighter

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