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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Sally Shopper game with sK`cCLoWn`sW
FoxHound, Royal, sss170186, sbs and `Pn`RichUK
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Game setup
Sally Shopper:
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Specially designed map (examples)

Sally Shopper is a weapon specific Shopper variant where the worms have infinite health and the only way to kill worms is by drowning them (similarly to Plop War) by dropping the Salvation Army (also known as Sally in Worms Terminology). The map is specially designed to make the weapon explode underneath the worms, in very narrow tunnels where worms cannot pass, but Sally can. The bomblets will explode together making a powerful blast, launching the worms far away. Aim is required to plop the worms, because hitting the ceiling might block their way to the water. Low Gravity is available to help. There are health crates that still need to be collected before attacking and they affect who is the leader (mandatorily the target). This means that usually is better not to collect extra or unnecessary crates, although depending on the variation the crate number or value may be different. The original scheme has +25 health crates, 15 seconds of turn time and max 5 crates on the map. Shopper's Attack From Rope rule is optional, since it is not impactful in this scheme. The maps demand careful design and tests, since sometimes the worms might stand on a place that is impossible to drown or dislodge them (the original map has this issue, so it needs an update or players must avoid standing on these specific spots).


Minor crate value and more time

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Sally Shopper 20secs +1HP game with
sK`cCLoWn`sW, FoxHound, Royal, sbs and `Pn`RichUK
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Since +25HP health crates may affect a lot who is the leader and 15 seconds might be too short time to play, the author experimented a game using a scheme with +1HP health crates (worms also have 255 of initial health instead of 100 now) and 20 seconds of turn time (after FoxHound's suggestions).

Multishot and even more time (v3.8)

sbs made a variation of this scheme using v3.8's features. The differences are detailed below:

  • Increased turn time: 25 sec - this map demands it.
  • Worm selection doesn't end Hot Seat - more time to watch and think which worm goes better before each turn.
  • sdet + Automatic end-of-turn retreat - multishots with proper retreat time.
  • Rope-roll drops (Rope only) - throwing Sally from mid-air could be fun.
  • fdpt - good old anti-troll resource for roping games.


The scheme's author is kClown; who published it on WMDB along with its first map on 9th May 2012. According to the chat of this replay, kClown, iClown and cClown (or even eClown) are all the same player.

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