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Playing golf with black hole gravity!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Black Hole Golf match
with sbs, FoxHound, and r4``jimm``pH
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Black Hole Golf:
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Black Hole Golf is a Golf variant that is played on a black hole gravity, feature of RubberWorm. It also has Shot Doesn't End Turn feature.



  • Complete the holes in order - Players must start with the first challenge and complete each challenge before moving to the next.
  • Fire grenades only from the marked launch platform - Players must stay on or move to the launch platform before firing a grenade.

Obs: Reaim rule is not needed since this scheme has RubberWorm's Reaim feature.


  • One shot per time - Players must wait the (holy) grenade disappear, or almost disappear (wait to see if the weapon will enter the hole or not) before throwing another grenade. This rule is recommended to avoid people spamming weapons without thinking or calculating precise shots. SDET is there to make gameplay faster, with less waiting time, but people should not abuse the multishot feature.

Original map specific

  • Grenades must be thrown from the green numbers, HHG from the orange numbers

Obs: the author considered adding other grenade types on the map with their corresponding colors on the numbers. This change wouldn't affect the gameplay so much, but it would bring weapon diversity. Maybe on future maps this idea will be implemented, since the original only uses HHG and green grenades.


The scheme was created by sbs, being released on 26th November 2018 on WMDB.

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