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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Jetpack Race game
with Deadcode, Wyv and orbik; taken from Worm Olympics
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Keep an eye on the fuel gauge

Jetpack Race (or JPR in worms terminology) is a Jet Pack-based racing-style scheme where players must navigate a specially-designed map, using only the jet pack, to reach a finish line from a designated starting point. The player to reach the finish line first, or in the shortest time, wins the game.


Game setup
Jetpack Race:
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Specially designed Jetpack Race or Rope Race map
Examples at the WMDB
In FuelTrial, number of worms determines the number of attempts; in standard race 1 worm

Players begin by each placing their single worm on the designated starting location.

Each turn can be divided into two parts with a different moving technique used in each. In the first part, the player has unlimited time to use one jet pack (and one jet pack only) to travel as far as possible on the limited fuel. Then, when the fuel is almost all used, the player can drop a weapon (usually provided as a grenade, with a power setting of zero to ensure no blast occurs that could move other worms), which gives them 30 seconds additional time. Fuel is now no longer limited, as it never is in retreat time, so the player just needs to get as far as possible in the limited time.

The amount of jet pack fuel provided, since the ability to edit it was introduced in the v3.6.29.0 Beta Update, is usually set higher than the default of 30 units.

If someone inadvertently leaves their worm in a position that blocks other players from making progress, other players skip their turns and allow the offending player to move slightly out of the way and skip their turn to allow the game to continue.

Teleport is also provided for rare cases where a correction needs to be made, but cannot be used to skip sections of the race course.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


  • Place at the start - Players must place their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, or similar.
  • Use only jet pack to progress - Players must not use the blast effects of any included weapons, or any transport tool other than the jet pack, to make progress along the race course.
  • Use only one jet pack per turn - If players disengage the jet pack during their turn, they must not engage a new one until their next turn.

It's generally recommended that players, when joining a Bungee Race game lobby on WormNET, use the term "STF" (standing for Start To Finish) to indicate to the host that they understand the concept of the scheme and will follow the rules.


Fuel-Trial Jetpack Race

In this version, made possible by the v3.6.29.0 Beta Update which allowed jet pack fuel to be edited, players have unlimited time and fuel to complete the race course. The fuel counter indicates the fuel used, and the winner is the player that completes the course (which may be one or more laps) with the lowest fuel consumption.


The origin of this scheme is unknown, but dates back to 2005 at the latest. The earliest known map for this scheme was uploaded to the Worms Map Database by its author xOLExDavid in April 2005.

The v3.6.29.0 Beta Update, released in 2008, which allowed jet pack fuel to be edited and even set to an infinite amount, resulted in this scheme being updated. This feature was driven by the popularity of the scheme, as noted in this release note from the Beta Update:

Used Jet Pack fuel is now logged. This is tailored to TCB (The Challenge Base) Jet Pack challenges, and is designed to replace manual counting of used fuel; it is rounded to the nearest integer fuel unit in the same way. The total fuel is reported at the end, but this total is reset every time Teleport is used (it is assumed that this is a teleport back to the start). If a weapon is fired from the Jet Pack, it is assumed that 30 units of fuel were used (this is tailored to challenge #60 - Fly For Punctuation); the actual fuel used before the retreat is noted in parentheses, but 30 is added to the total.

The scheme has featured consistently in competitions, featuring in the Worm Olympics most years from 2006 to 2016, and in cups on The Ultimate Site between 2010 and 2018.

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