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Super Saiyan worms!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Goku Battle Arena game
with FoxHound, pavlepavle, orbik and Muk
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Game setup
Goku Battle Arena:
View scheme settings
Specially designed map (examples: [1] and [2])
1vs1: 6-8 worms (depending on the map size). Free for all: 4-8 worms depending on the number of players, if 4 or more usually 5 should be fine
Flying and attacking!
Precise movements

Goku Battle Arena, GBA or simply Goku is a RubberWorm scheme in which the core weapon is Dragon Ball, being possible to attack multiple times with the energy balls due to the multishot feature and the lower gravity that increases the amplitude of the jumps. There are some few other unlimited weapons such as the Jet Pack with only 5 fuel and the Parachute, all being useful to navigate through the map with better precision. There is also infinite Pneumatic Drill that may sometimes be a better choice to plop enemy worms, or to change the direction the worm is facing in mid-air. The battle concept is about throwing the opponent's worms outside the arena (drowning them), or dealing damage to them, even though the inicial health is high and there are several Health Crates that cure 35 HP each. The scheme uses 150% of game engine speed and has 40 seconds of turn time.

Tricks and tactics

Changing the direction the worm is facing in mid-air with Pneumatic Drill
The maps of this scheme have walls that explore Dragon Ball through wall glitch
  • Use the Pneumatic Drill to change the direction the worm is facing in mid-air.
  • Navigate on the map smoothly, saving the fuel for precise movements only.
  • Use parachute to position your worm in mid-air better. Remember that the parachute can go upwards in this scheme.
  • Use Dragon Balls through thin walls (intentionally present on the maps).
  • If you have some seconds remaining on a turn, try to hide if possible.
  • Hit enemies near a wall multiple times, you can kill a healthy worm by damage this way.
  • Use the Drill to avoid fall damage.
  • Use walls to change the direction your worm is facing
  • Use Dragon Ball on the instant mines to knock them onto the enemies


Parachute Goku Battle Arena

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Parachute Goku Battle Arena game with
FoxHound, pavlepavle, orbik, Muk and Highenergy
Download · Info
Overpowered parachute!

There is a variation of this scheme using v3.8 features made by the author of the scheme (the same person). It can be called Parachute or Chute Goku Battle Arena. This variation combines the gravity of the game (that can alter the physics of the flamelets and the parachute) with the RubberWorm gravity (that affects the rest). The parachute can be controled very easily and fast with the arrows, what makes the scheme very funny and much easier to play (what players might not like so much after some time playing this version, since the standard version has probably a higher learning curve). The Jet Pack is almost useless in this variation, but for some reason the author kept it in the scheme.


The concept by angus in 2011
Raise your hands to help Goku win this fight!

The first version of the scheme was uploaded on TUS on 22th January 2020 by TOMT and the map on the following day by the same player. pavlepavle however claims to be the author of the scheme with the help of the following players on the creation of the scheme: orbik, TOMT, Muk and SiD. The scheme was updated to version 3.8 by pavlepavle, who uploaded it to TUS on 9th May 2022.

The name of the scheme is probably a reference to Dragon Ball in which the protagonist, Goku, often attacks with energy balls and fights in martial arts tournaments where participants who fall outside the ring are disqualified.

Original GBA scheme (with Bungee)

The original scheme had Bungee (maybe due to Bungee from Jet Pack), but it was removed since it was disturbing the optimal use of the parachute (which is F8 key as well). It was also dependent from RubberWorm module and players would need to type /150 for 150% of game engine speed the scheme uses. It had 15HP crates instead of 35HP.

Similar ideas

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: angus' concept:
Dragon Balls on an arena
Download · Info

Note that a very similar concept has been thought by angus on 1st June 2011, using multiple Dragon Balls to hit worms on an arena. Besides that, another very similar idea was released by Skum on 18th October 2012 under the name "King of the Ring".

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