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Control The King or CTK is a fusion of Capture The Flag and Boom Race. Each team starts at their respective starts. The objective is to attack the enemy king(s), and bring them to the player's starting point. By doing this, a player will have captured the king. Whoever controls the most kings, wins.


  • The Kings are represented by another team. They are actually normal worms, so they can be moved. They must be placed at the King's room.
  • The Kings aren't allowed to move. The player controlling the kings must skip the turn, when the king's team turn arrives.
  • Captured kings cannot be uncaptured, so don't care about removing kings from your opponent team's start.

Scheme settings

The original map doesn't have a scheme attached, but the author wrote on the comments that the scheme has the following settings:


It was created by LordFalcon, being released on 1st August 2010 on WMDB. The author wrote in the comments of the map that he created it "loooooooong before" publishing it on WMDB.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Develop an attempt of scheme trying to fit well with the map and the rules and upload it here
  • Add a replay of an interpretation of the rules, trying to play this idea
  • Add more details
  • Add image
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