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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: 80-normal cup
game with Dario and Mablak
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8 per player; Better played in bo3 or more games.

80-normal, also known simply as 80hp, is a ruled variation of the Intermediate scheme with shorter rounds, more balanced Special Weapons, and, as the name suggests, worms start with 80 hit points. It uses some Extended Scheme Options available since v3.8 of WA. It is the successor of 90-normal.


Each round you can choose only one type of special/team weapon to use:

Moles do not count as special weapon.

In different rounds you can use different special weapons. If in one round you use more than one type of special weapon, you lose the round.


80 hit points

HHG triple kill

It makes round shorter, also makes it more rewarding to pile/reposition enemy worms with weapons that cause less than 50 damage. Raises the relevance of BnG skills above the "why didn't I just rope and shotgun?" level. Turns holy hand grenade and Flame Thrower into reliable killers.

Balanced team weapons

All team weapons are available, but you are only allowed to use one kind in each round. Moles are considered a regular weapon, not a team weapon, you have 3 of them and their power is 5. Cows and HHG have a delay of 3 turns, Pigeons a delay of two, and Flame Thrower, Old Woman, Sheep Launcher and Super Sheep a delay of 0. Super Sheep is also now an Aqua Sheep. Old Woman and Sheep Launcher power is 4.

Dynamite/Sheep with 1 turn delay

Reduces a bit the effect of first turn piles. Makes Old Woman or Sheep Launcher a decent choice if you really need to blast that first-turn pile, at the expense of having used your team weapon in the first turn.

Nuke SD (25hp/turn) at 10 minutes with high water rise

Reduces the impact of who gets the first Sudden Death turn and opens a new branch of tactical thinking, now water rise can be used more often as a killer. Also makes rounds a lot shorter. Turns of less than 1 second still reduce the time left until SD.

4 ropes

Balances the fact that 80 hit points makes it easier to kill worms, increases the relevance of BnG skills and encourages the use of long range team weapons (pigeons, super sheep, holy hand grenade).

2 shotguns

Creative telecide using the mine to kill a 17HP worm, causing grave explosion to blow an oil drum that killed 1 worm and almost the other one too. Low Gravity was used.

Forces players to look for more creative ways to cause 50 damage if 50 damage is really needed.

35s turn time with 10 seconds hot-seat

Makes rounds more dynamic, but it also gives more strategic players the time they need to plan ahead.

Rope roll-drops

Enables using weapons with the enter key between rope swings or after detaching from bungee. This includes weapons that you can normally use while roping and also the ones usable while jumping. This opens a whole new set of possibilities where the action happens between rope swings, it may be particularly interesting for dropping animals. It also means that long bungee flights are useful now, since you can open the parachute at any point during the flight to avoid losing control of your worm


  • Shotgun is very precious with only x2 ammo. When possible, use Uzi for 50 damage (or closer to this) or Longbow if you want two shots in one turn. Save the Shotgun only for the things it can do and no other weapon can do. Or to guarantee a very important kill if Uzi and Longbow feel risky.
  • Remind that you and your opponents have all Special Weapons powers as a possibility in this scheme (but once you choose a special weapon, there's no turn back, you cannot use other one in the same round). Sometimes is better to use Aqua Sheep if the enemy is far. Sometimes it is better to use HHG to make a big hole on the map and kill a pile of worms, sometimes using the cows as a combo at the first turns is very powerful, sometimes the pigeon is a good choice, since there are two of them. Flame Thrower can easily kill a worm at the beginning. Even the Sheep Launcher and the Old Woman can be useful on specific situations with 80HP worms (they have power 4). And Moles are free to use, they can be a good digging tool different from the usual Blow Torch and Pneumatic Drill.
  • Skunk can make a worm be killable by damage with just few turns. It is powerful specially in the beginning if the poison hit multiple worms.


The scheme was created by Dario, being released on TUS on 23rd April 2021, based on several testings and also the testings of a predecessor scheme called 90-normal.

Competitive events

In 2021, six competitive events happened for this scheme, with the support of TheKomodo, who helped on the organization of them and also with streaming.


5 tournaments for this scheme happened in 2021. At least one of them was promoted on NNN forum, and on Discord servers too.


A cup has been hosted for this scheme on 26th July 2021.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Hysteria is much older then "80hp" and, it is a notable scheme that the worms start with 80 hit points.

After this scheme

Every Team Weapon Matters is a scheme submitted by Echiko on 27th July 2021 (the same year of 80-normal), being an Intermediate variation that gives attention to the Special Weapons as well.

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