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Specially designed map (examples)

Ludo is a wormy adaptation of the real Ludo board game. The usual parameters are respected. The map has the 4 colored bases where 2, 3 or 4 players can face each other following a same procedure:

  1. Release 4 pieces of their START
  2. Make 1 lap around the map in a clockwise direction
  3. Reach the goal or HOME, located in the final column of each route.

The die in this scheme can be either a worm (like in the original version), a crate, or even an oil drum/mine located at the center of the map. The die is rolled by activating Earthquake under the influence of the Black Hole gravity.


There are multiple guidelines borrowed from the several variations that exist, including 3 kinds of special boxes. Everything in order to ensure more variety of decisions that must be taken during gameplay. On a map, there is usually a summary of these instructions (check them all on the mini-manual).



Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Ludo game with
sbs, User1 (xyz), and FoxHound
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Game setup
Ludo (v3.8):
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4 per player; 2-4 players.

It includes the features:

  • Game engine speed - It wasn't possible to use /speed along with the beneficts of the /boom version before. Now we have this separated function, even with a wider range of values. In this ocassion, the value is x2.5. So... Be quick with your worms placements at the beginning!
  • Phased Worms (Allied) - Thanks to this, the /boom logic can be integrated into your own worms too.
  • Sudden Death disables Worm Select (Off) - If the match exceeds the round time (which is very likely due to the super speed), don't worry... you're still able to use the automatic select worm.

RubberWorm features

  • crate rate + limit: 1 ···· we only need 1 die
  • crateshower ···· guarantees a permanent die
  • sdet ···· you know, multishots = multitasking
  • usw ···· unlocks the earthquake having sdet on
  • ldet ···· not losing turn if yo fail/fall with teleport
  • swat ···· allows just TAB to switch worms
  • wdca ···· weapons don't change automatically
  • Cbh: 1.5 ···· constant black hole
  • viscosity: 10% ···· it helps with the Cbh effect
  • version boom ···· now into the "Phased Worm (Enemies)" option


In the original scheme each player must add +1 worm to their typical 4, because that extra worm will be the die. Gameplay is slower than the version 3.8.


On 28th March 2017, sbs released the original map along with the scheme on WMDB. On 17th October 2020, the scheme was updated by the author for WA's v3.8 to have a faster gameplay (along with this map).

This article has a to-do list:
  • Write the full rules
  • Add images
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