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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: The first TnTower ever played
with Pac-Man and StepS
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Racing map with two different wall types (example)
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Roping through the obstacles without hitting the red objects.

TnTower, also called TNT Tower, is a Tower Race like scheme, but the maps differ from Tower maps and the scheme has some more restrictions.

The difference between Tower and TnTower is the fact that players are not allowed to touch red obstacles in any case. There are also blue objects on the map which players have to touch to proceed through the map, with the goal to reach the finish. The colors may differ, but instructions displayed on the map should explain which colors are touchable and which are forbidden.

The name TNT Tower has been chosen because of the immediate fail which occurs when touching red objects, like you hit the fuse of a TNT packet - you have no chance to survive then.


The following rules are set additionally to the Tower Race rules:

  • It is not allowed to attach a rope to a red object. If this happens, the player has to detach the rope and shoot it again against a blue obstacle.
  • It is not allowed to touch red objects. If this happens, the player has to teleport back to the last blue floor they stood on.
  • The rope itself (not its end) can touch red objects. This is sometimes needed to get around some things on the map.
  • If the turn ends and the player either falls or slides on red objects, they must teleport back at the beginning of their next turn.

Scheme settings

The scheme settings are pretty similar to the Tower scheme, with the following exceptions:

  • 45 seconds turn time.
  • No banana or any other weapon which causes retreat time to begin.
  • No chute.
  • If not already set, infinite teleport.

Advanced scheme settings

Additionally, some RubberWorm settings may increase the joy of playing this scheme:

  • sdet (For roping after teleporting)
  • ldet (Hardly hitting objects doesn't cause the turn to end)
  • antisink (If worms plop they won't die and get placed back to the last floor they stood on)

Teststuff can be enabled but is not actually needed to play the game; it may add interesting possibilities to the game, especially the Indian Rope Trick and BattyRope.


The first official map can be found here.


The author of this scheme is Pac-Man. The scheme was released on this wiki page and WMDB on 25th June 2011‎.

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