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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Rope on Ice game with sbs,
FoxHound, sK`cCLoWn`sW, and Nicholaus04
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Rope on Ice:
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Specially designed map (examples), or Shopper maps.
Recommended: more than 1 for each player.

Rope on Ice is a RubberWorm scheme focused mostly on roping (it is similar to Shopper). It is the "sibling" of the scheme Petrol on Ice, keeping the Permafrost concept.

The scheme contains infinite 5-powered Ninja Rope, infinite Parachute, infinite Low Gravity and infinite Freeze. One single Petrol Bomb and all the crates that are continuosly spawning on the map due to Crate Shower feature contain a Mine, despite the very rare chance of finding a Worm Select (even with infinite ammo), that cannot be used due to the delay of 128 turns. Turn time is 30 seconds. Round time is 10 minutes, with a nuclear strike (Poison) Sudden Death.

The more crates, the more likely you'll drop mines on other frozen worms and cause them to fly through the air at the beginning of their turn.


Official map rules.
  1. Freeze in the first turn.
  2. CBA: 1 Crate Before Attack
  3. You can freeze again, but only after attack.

In short: Freeze→Crate→Attack→Freeze

Reminder: there is no "Attack From Rope" rule. So, players can attack from ground.

If played on other maps (not the original ones)

Use racing stuff version if you play this scheme on other maps (not the original ones), to avoid some tedious blocking from hidden or frozen worms. Note: this feature can be included in the scheme with v3.8's Extended Scheme Options.

Tips and tactics

  • Each team has x1 Petrol Bomb. This weapon can be reserved to finish a player with only 1 worm left (who practically lost).
  • Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn (LDET) is turned OFF in this scheme. This means that if a player fall from rope, he/she will not be able to freeze his/her worms: they will be in danger. So, be careful while roping.
  • Hide at places that are hard to drop mines at worms. Or at places that force players to change the direction in which the worm is facing to drop a mine correctly.
  • If you are performing the last attack of your turn at an unfrozen worm, you don't need to run away from your own mine, you can use freeze at it. The mine will not hurt your worm and will explode the enemy.


The scheme was created by sbs (based on its predecessor Petrol on Ice), being released on WMDB along with the original map on 15th September 2017. It was inspired by the cold winter around Argentina. The second map designed for this scheme was released on 5th July 2020.

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