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Game setup
Race Around a man original scheme, requiring to type "/ts" before playing:
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Specially-designed map (example)
Not clear, but probably 3
Is it an Afro hair style?

Race Around a Man is a Rope Race variant. The difference is that there are 3 finishes, there are some few moments of throwing HHGs into some "cups", players must rope around a man (as the name of the scheme says) using TestStuff to climb it and also surf (skim) on the water without plopping all the worms. So, it's not very different from many Special Rope Races that have tasks to be done.

Gameplay and rules

The rules are written on the map page and the map itself, however, some things like the number of the worms and some other details are not clear.

FoxHound made an interpretation of the rules and the gameplay based on the information available by the author. Here's the interpretation:

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: FoxHound's interpretation
of Race Around a Man rules/gameplay
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The number of worms is not specified, but since it's possible to select worms during hot-seat time, the first two finishes require a worm on them, there are ploppy areas (including a surf part), it is written on the map "(for 1 worm)" at Finish 1, and "for 2 (last) worm" at Finish 2; and the default number of worms is 3, probably the scheme is played with 3 worms (the original scheme doesn't use Anti Sink feature).

Assuming it's 3 worms, each player places all their worms at the Start. When first turn start, the player will need to use the rope and fall on that tunnel to make the worm reach Finish 1. When the worm successfuly reaches Finish 1, on the next turn, other worm must be controled, and moved to Finish 2 with the rope. The last worm will be used to start roping around the man.

To climb the man, TestStuff helps a lot (using Enter key while the Ninja Rope is selected as secondary weapon) and once the players reach the HHG area, they must throw HHGs into the "cups" that are in the air (throwing from the indicated area). On the map, it says that the host can decide how many of the 6 cups each player must explode (the map is destructible in the original scheme file, so those cups can really be destroyed. This however may eventually cause problems at the bottom, since the HHGs may destroy the shore of the surf, the third finish or some other land parts).

After exploding all the cups, and crossing the man's hair, players must go down to the surf area. They must attach the rope at the marked area called "point 1" and shake the worm to make it pump (short rope lenght works better for this) to the left, to surf across the map, until the left side's shore. Again, remind about TestStuff being on. After the worm succesfuly lands on the left shore, this worm must go to the finish 3 to win the game.

Note that if a worm plop, players can use the worm at Finish 2 to try again to finish the race. If this worm plops too, the last worm must be removed from Finish 2 to try to finish the race. If all 3 worms drown, the player is disqualified (looses). The author doesn't say if it is necessary to rope around the man again if a worm plops, but probably players can go directly to where they were.


Metalkorka is the author of this scheme, released on WMDB on 1st June 2010.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add more details
  • Add an updated version of the scheme, without requiring to type TestStuff
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