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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Pool match
with SiD and Hurz
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Game setup
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A pool table (a polygon with small holes), examples: [1], [2], [3], [4] [5], [6] and [7]
8 per team

Pool is a Worms adaptation of the real-life Pool game. Using RubberWorm features, the scheme has no gravity and is played on Pool Table maps (polygons with holes). After positioning the worms just like the beggining of a real-life pool game (an isolated worm as a white ball and a pyramid on the other side), use Sheep Launcher to explode and push worms to the table/map holes.

Scheme details: rubber(90%) gravity*0.0 viscosity(5%)

Original rules

First person to pot their own team's worms wins. Worms shooting must aim to pot their team-mates and not themselves, that is until there are no more team mates in-play. Select Worm to be only used by out-of-play worms and must be switched to the next available in-play worm.

The real pool game adapted to a Worms version


Infinite teleport and more detailed rules

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Inf Teleport Pool match
with Masta and PyroMan
Download · Info

Masta's version with the help of Enforcer and PyroMan - Infinite teleports and more detailed rules:

Rule 1. The worms must be placed like you normally would in pool, the white ball on one side of the map, and the triangle on the other side.

Rule 2. You may not select which worm you want to use as the white ball, unless the worm that is selected is outside the map, in that case, you must select the first worm that can act as a white ball, e.g. worm 2 is out side the map it's worm 2's turn, you can only select worm 3, unless that worm is outside the map as well, then you will select worm 4 (if worm 4 is outside the map you must select worm 5 and so on).

Rule 3. You may not plop the worm that is shooting (the white ball) the punishment for doing so, is skipping 1 turn.

Rule 4. The last worm of your own team and your oppontent's team must be plopped last. If you plop your own last worm or your opponent's last worm, the punisment is auto-lose (the last worm act as a black ball, you can still use him as the white ball when he is selected).

Rule 5. When you have 2 worms left, you can't use your 8th worm, you must select the other worm, e.g. worm 4 and worm 8 is the only ones left, then you have to select worm 4 to plop worm 8, as the black ball can no longer be a white ball.

Sometimes the worm wont go all the way out of the map, but if the worm still can shot both vertical shot, and a horizontal shot, it's counts as being inside the map.

PX Version

Required PX Libraries here PX Scheme here

PyroMan created a PX version of Pool. Usually associated with a remix map of StringKing's "Billiards", it has the features:


Holes can read if worm is inside or not. If yes - worms will plop. So no more annoying Select Worm-switching of worms outside the map. Holes are lighted up. Worms is lighted up with white color, so active worm will have a white color underneese, like its a white ball. Added auto-placement on map with 1 worm on one side and arrenged pyramid on other. Arrengement is well-thinked and well-mixed, so both 8 balls are inside of pyramid. If autoplacement be accidently turned off, the current point where a worm placement is needed will be highlighted, being easy to build a pyramid in short time.


Contains modified weapon for this type of game: its Ball launcher against sheep launcher. Advantages: Ball launcher has power level, bounces on walls, explodes on worms, explodes by pressing Spacebar. It has nice trail, bounce sound and a sprite of target.


The author, SiD, released the scheme on a TUS post on 2nd August 2012 alongside with a map in WMDB.

Competitive events


There was an attempt of a Pool tournament on TUS on 5th August 2012.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Bloopy's Worm Golf Snooker map

This map that Bloopy made for the scheme Worm Golf has a cue sports theme and simulates the gameplay a little bit.

Cueshark's 9-Ball Pool

The idea of a Pool scheme named 9-Ball Pool was proposed by Cueshark on 7th October 2010 on TUS website (before SiD's scheme). The idea uses RubberWorm features like multishot and also wkIndiMask, but uses normal gravity (not zero gravity). The objective of the game is to pot all the worms/balls in one turn. The video he made is available here; in one turn he uses 250 mines, 17 banana bombs and a Patsy Bullet with x2 damage.


When SiD first devised the Pool concept; he thought someone must have had the same idea about combining zero gravity & limited viscosity, and actually FoxHound had this idea one year before with his Snooker scheme. However Pool scheme and Snooker scheme are completely different games, even though they share similar names (based on Cue sports). Pool is an adaptation of the sport, Snooker is a battle game with no gravity. SiD and FoxHound talked with each other about this situation in 2013 on Pool's release map WMDB comments. Clearly, both had similar ideas independently in a gap of one year.

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