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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a JetPack Assault
match with DumbBongChow and SiD`sW
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JetPack Assault:
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JetPack Assault is a no ruled version of JetPack Shopper. Like JetPack Shopper, players can get crate using jet-pack, not by rope. This scheme has these RubberWorm features: jetpack(inf), sdet, ldet, craterate(5), and cratelimit(5). This game requires very good skill on jet-pack as players could easily hurt their own worms if this utility is not used right; however, weapons can still be used without jet-pack being on to avoid this problem. Players don't necessarily have to focus too much on getting crates because CBA rule does not apply in this game. So, players don't necessarily need to get all the crate in order to win this game. There are number of delayed weapons for spawn protection, and the mine fuse time is three seconds. There are also some minor weapons and utilities at the beginning of this game. It's is very important that anyone, who's hosting this game, turn on the /ts function before starting this game to enhance this game experience.


DumbBongChow is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki page on 7th May 2011‎.

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