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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Freemediate
match with Kaleu and Hollow
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Randomly-generated Island or Cave
8 per player 1vs1; 4 per player 2vs2
Freemediate: you don't control a worm, you control a team. Interesting tricks changing worms in mid air!

Freemediate stands for Freedom Intermediate and basically it is the Intermediate, but much more dynamic. This mode allows you to have total control of your team of worms within 45 seconds. Hide only, attack or both? Choose wisely according to your needs. The real challenge in this scheme is to test who controls their team as a whole in a multitask level. This scheme was only possible because of version 3.8 extended game options.

Main changes

  • Worm Selection available in every turn. (Sudden Death will disable this.)
  • Worm Selection is never canceled. (In fact the main feature of this scheme. The Tab key can always be used during a turn to switch to another Worm.)
  • Worm Selection doesn't end hot-seat time.
  • 1 turn delay for every aggressive weapon/utility but Prod and Suicide Bomber. (This is to prevent 1st turn advantage granting the 2nd player a chance to defend.)
  • Jetpack's delay removed.
  • Worm Select removed from inventory.

Things worth mentioning

  • 8 Worms per player in a 1vs1 scenario and 4 Worms in 2vs2 scenario.
  • Maps should be always random generated Island or Cave. NNN's rules suggests to choose cave in case best of 1 game, island-island-cave-cave-(…) in case best of 3 game and cave-cave-island-island-(…) in case best of 5 game.
  • Glitches disabled. (Bungee from Jetpack, Bow/bat/rope angle modifications, Roofing, Skip walking, Floating weapon, Glide.)

Known issues

  • Choosing Mole Bomb as Special Weapon allow the players to perform an attack in their 1st turn. Mole is the only Special Weapon with no delay restrictions.


The scheme's author is Kaleu; who published it on TUS and uploaded the scheme on 29th August 2020, after testings.

Competitive events


On 15th November 2022 Freemediate received a cup on TUS.

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