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Baseball Race:
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Not to be confused with the very old Crate Race-like scheme known as Baseball Bat RR.

Baseball Golf? Angle Cheat Glitch is valid.

Baseball Race is essencially a Golf gameplay scheme (so it's a variant of the original, being a racing-like scheme), but with two worms (one is the ball) and Baseball Bat instead of grenades. The scheme was designed thinking on the use of Angle cheat glitch. The original map has 18 holes and some of them are very difficult to complete, requiring precise aiming and positioning worms at ideal spots on the marked line.


Transcribed from the original map:

"With your first worm shoot your second worm from a red area to the corresponding hole, then once you managed you can go to the next hole. First player who finished all holes wins."


It was created by xDNCxGhost64x, released on 10th February 2009 on WMDB.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

A scheme called Baseball has an archive page dating 11th January 2002. It was played with 20 seconds of turn time, god worms, two worms per player, and players were supposed to drown worms with infite Baseball Bat (Low Gravity could be used).

This article has a to-do list:
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  • Add tactics
  • Add more details
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