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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of Kaos Normal game
with lacoste, Electro, Cinek and darekols
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In Kaos Normal Shot Doesn't End Turn is ON.
Game setup
Kaos Normal:
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Best played on random island maps
8 per player

Kaos Normal is a RubberWorm scheme (invented by MrKaos) with shot doesn't end turn, loss of control doesn't end turn, craterate(7), cratelimit(200) and fire doesn't pause timer features, where players start only with bungee and worm select. The goal is to collect as many crates as possible and "smash" the opponent in the limited turn time. Scheme has turned on Stockpiling by default, so weapons and utilties pass to next round. Craterate may be raised for faster gameplay. Best played on random island with 8 worms per player.

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