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Any convoluted island map (often a solid block with tunnels, or an inverted duel-layer cavern). Bigger maps tend to be better, though there is a limit to how far a Super Sheep can fly.
As many as possible

Superspeedsheeper (also called Hypersheeper or Hysteriasheeper) is a Supersheeper variation, played in a much higher speed.

The scheme differs from the default Supersheeper scheme with the following settings:

  • The game-speed is set to run at 150% speed (by typing /150 as the host in the game room).
  • The turntime is set to 0 seconds. This forces players to hold down space before it's their turn or the turn will be skipped. If they want to turn their worm, they also need to hold down the corresponding arrow together with Space.
  • There is no teleport as teleporting is not possible in 0 seconds.
  • Infinite baseball bat amount. It can be used to hit piled worms, however it's hard to find out exactly when to use it: The player needs to know which worm is next and then has to hold down F7 + space before the turn to select and punch.
  • Normally, Aqua sheep is turned off because it also makes the original Supersheeper too easy (hence the name which is not "Aqua"-Sheeper).


  • As with every 0 second turn time scheme, unexperienced players may not understand how it works.


The following additions are often used to play this scheme:

  • The turn time can be set to 1 second. This is often done to deal with unexperienced players overwhelmed with the 0 second turn time. Teleport may be added back then, even though it's still hard to teleport to a specific target.
  • The health crate drop may be set to higher values than in Supersheeper to generate more targets which are always a challenge to get and entertaining to watch players trying to reach those. To make the health crates even more intersting, the health value may be increased.


Pac-Man is the author of this scheme, released on this wiki page on 6th August 2014‎.

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