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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An excellent Sudden Death
game with FoxHound & WaterMelon
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Game setup
Sudden Death:
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Open island map (better with a great amount of land)
As many as the map will support for automatic placement

Sudden Death (the scheme) starts the game with Sudden Death (the phenomenon, with 1 HP for each worm and water rising = level 2). The Mines are instant (0 seconds), you can choose the position of the worms, the turn time is 23 seconds, the ammo is scarce and there are only weapons that need skill to use (without Napalm, Air Strike, Homing Pigeon or similar). Crates may appear sometimes with more ammo.


Telecides when choosing the worms start positions

Use this technique (put the worm too high to the fall make your worm die and blew on another worm) is useful to kill a worm that will play before your worm, kill multiple worms at once (the worms don't need to be next to each other, the explosion can throw a worm to another worm, killing multiple worms far from each other)

Do not let telecides happen

Putting worms under ceilings protects from being killed by "telecides".

Use terrain objects to kill worms

Shooting at Oil Drums, Mines and Crates may help you to kill worms.


This scheme was created by FoxHound in 2009, with the opinion help of Molotow. The idea came playing an Intermediate, when suddenly the HP of the worms turned to 1. The result was creating a scheme which starts with Sudden Death.

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