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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Worms Basketball match with KinslayeR,
TaG`l-ThaNaX-l and Balee; taken from Worm Olympics
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Score points by dunking your worm.

Worms Basketball is a point-scoring scheme played on a specially-designed map. Players have to fling their worms into a 'basket' using the Ninja Rope, scoring points as they do so. The number of points scored depends on where the rope is attached. The player with the most points after a certain number of turns wins the game.


Game setup
Worms Basketball:
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Specially designed map (examples: [1], [2], [3])
One per team

Players begin by placing their worms anywhere on the court.

They then take it in turns to attach their Ninja Rope to a designated piece of terrain, or anchor platform, which is typically labelled with a number, that number being the points that can be scored. There are usually multiple such anchor platform for players to choose from with different point values. Without re-attaching the rope, the player must fling their worm into the designated basket. If the player successfully dunks their worm, the points are scored. If the player misses, or re-attaches their rope, they must skip their turn (if they didn't already lose the turn to falling).

The map may have a single basket, or multiple baskets, in which case the player can choose any basket.

Players continue until one reaches a pre-agreed total score.

The scheme is not currently supported by HostingBuddy.


The scheme has existed since at least 2001, when it was known as Worm Ball. Bloopy's .BIT map from that time (later updated in 2003) was based on a similar map drawn in WA's in-game editor by an unknown creator. The scheme was revived under the Basketball name in 2006, with a map authored by BigBilly and uploaded to the Worms Map Database in March of that year. His map is a remix, also based on Bloopy's and/or other similar maps. Bloopy's map was used in the Worm Olympics later in 2006, and the scheme appeared again in the 2015 Worm Olympics.

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