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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Earthquake Tower on an optimized map
with Pac-Man and SevenMask
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An oil drum locks up the small passage, so the player has to use earthquake to proceed.

Earthquake Tower, also called Eq Tower, is a Tower Race like scheme, but the weapon causing retreat time to start is Earthquake, shaking other worms and objects on the map.

It adds some dynamic to the default Tower Race scheme: Oil drums can lock up small passages, worms may be pushed to other (instant) mines or water.

The scheme can be used with almost every default Tower Race map, but the start shouldn't be too ploppy or no player can get beyond it due to earthquake. Otherwise, the host can delay the Earthquake weapon or set the rule to use the earthquake only after every worm is in a safe position.

Scheme settings

The scheme settings are the same as the Tower Race scheme, with the following exceptions:

  • Earthquake instead of Banana or Mine to start retreat time
  • 255 objects of type Oil Drum and Mine on the map
  • Instant mine fuse
  • Optional: Infinite Freeze
  • If not already set, infinite teleport.

Advanced settings

Batty should not be enabled together with this scheme because players can simply avoid worms from being shaken by keeping the rope attached to walls. Additionally, some RubberWorm settings may increase the joy of playing this scheme:

  • antisink (If worms plop they won't die and get placed back to the last floor they stood on), although it may still be unsafe if too near to the water due to the constant turbulence.


Every default Tower Race map can be used with this scheme. However, maps may be optimized by

  • avoiding ploppy starts and climbs or
  • adding small passages which can be locked up by barrels.

An optimized map can be found here, which also has the scheme attached.


Earthquake prevents the camera from following your worm until the turn / retreat ends. To solve this, you can use the camera lock feature (Ctrl+Home).

Author: Pac-Man

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