1HP Hysteria

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Game setup
1HP Hysteria:
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Any open island map
As many as the map will support for automatic placement

1HP Hysteria is a variation of Hysteria that is now even more hysteric! The worms have 1HP only and the weapons do tinies craters, being harder to kill a worm. Instant (if 3 seconds everybody would kill easily the others activating the mines with the Jet Pack) mines of the terrain can block ways, can be pushed by shotguns and do the biggest crater of the game. There is no fall damage (no suicides with teleports too). Some weapons can be very powerful, like the Shotgun that can easily kill 2 worms at the same turn and the Petrol Bomb or the Flamethrower that can kill worms with a single hit of the fire.


The scheme had been created, tested and divulged by FoxHound before the existence of the Worms Scheme Contest, so when the scheme was sent to the 2010 contest it was not accepted due to the rule: "The scheme has to be completely unseen by the public before and during the contest.".

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