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Flat Earth Apocalypse is the ultimate scheme about dodging meteors with the Jet Pack!.
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Flat Earth Apocalypse game
with FoxHound playing against himself
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Game setup
Flat Earth Apocalypse:
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Completely flat terrain with tiny walls at the sides. Specially-designed map (example)
One per team, handicap health "+" for all worms, 1-6 players)

Flat Earth Apocalypse (FEA) is a simple game with complex RubberWorm settings based on Armageddon survival schemes, specially those with Jet Pack. The difference however is significant, since the meteors are guided by the wind and their speed are balanced (by air viscosity) in a flat table-like indestructable map with tiny walls where the worms cannot leave from the surface (going left or right only, since the Jet Pack propulsion does not surpass the high gravity), reminding some old 2D (mini)games. The scheme has still a lot of luck, but who dodges the meteors better will probably be the winner. The scheme explores a long retreat time to match with the end of Armageddon, being longer than the turn time which is used only for collecting the single health crate of every turn and activating Armageddon. Who survives this health battle dodging meteors, wins.

Note that phased worms allows passing through worms, antisink prevent plops, meteor explosions may push close meteors, wind and air viscosity alterations do not affect worms.

v3.8 update

The scheme now has a rule and is fast paced (2.55002x). Also, it can be played 1-6 players free for all or not and the wind can be a bit more stronger than usual, with less chance to appear "0 wind" or weak winds. It is mandatory to play with only one worm per team and the handicap health must be set with the "+" for all worms of the game

The real dodging.

Scheme rules

  • This is an absolute mandatory rule: Activate Armageddon before your turn ends. If someone does not respect this rule (a cow happens) there are some possible options:
    • The ideal is: everybody skips turn in order to be able to the cow player use Armageddon in his turn properly.
    • The one who cows will have to activate armageddon without the Jet Pack during her/his next turn.
    • The player who did the cow will not be able to collect the health crate in his next turn.
    • The player who did the cow will not be able to win the game, since she/he cheated.
Flat Earth Apocalypse icon.png


The survival idea of air viscosity + Jet Pack + Armageddon was an old project that had been interrupted, since FoxHound stopped playing for some time, resuming it during the 2020 COVID19 pandemic, in a health, economic and political crisis strongly affecting his country: Brazil. This situation, specially the anti-science politics of the time and the modern flat Earth beliefs of many members inside the ideological extreme right-wing government leadered by president Bolsonaro (and his clan/sons) gave the idea for the scheme name, since it has a flat surface map and meteors that resembles 2020's apocalypse. The fact that FoxHound had nothing to do isolated at home contributed to the scheme development, until he released it on a Thursday, 18th day of June, 2020: the day that Fabrício Queiroz (boss of a paramilitary group, close friend and neighbor of the president and his son Flavio) was finally captured by the police and put in prison.

The original map was 100% made on WA map editor, it was just converted to PNG, to avoid people playing on grassy terrains. Only on 12th December 2023, FoxHound realized that raising the water of the map makes more sense, because it is easier to see the meteors falling. So, he raised the water (47 pixels) of the original map in a way that the earth can be seen, while the meteors can be easily spoted (and their drowning sprites too).

Original version (1vs1 only)

The first version of the scheme (right click -> save link as) - 18 days before v3.8, using RubberWorm - was not fast paced and it could be possible to play only 1v1 with no rules due to being impossible to activate Racingstuff + Boomracingstuff together (all worms would receive damage). Now that it is possible to set various types of phased worms the scheme received a rule that helped balancing the game a little bit more. This v3.8 update of the scheme was released 1 month later: 28th July 2020 (12 days after v3.8 release on 16th July 2020).

Competitive events


On 11th December 2023, FoxHound hosted a challenge using the scheme file.

Primitive Flat Earth Apocalypse

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Primitive Flat Earth Apocalypse game
with FoxHound, DumbBongChow and Masta
Download · Info

Before working on Flat Earth Apocalypse, FoxHound was developing the concept on June 2011 with his firsts experiments on dodging meteors with jet pack using RubberWorm features (such as Shot Doesn't End Turn). The scheme is incomplete and was uploaded only on 20th May 2022 to this wiki. To avoid players flying above the meteors, he increased the gravity and also slowed the falling speed of the meteors by adding air viscosity to give a chance to the player use some skill to dodge the meteors and not rely only on luck. The concept of the scheme is to play on empty maps (only girders), use armageddon, collect a crate containg girders for survival, land on a girder or pixel, protect your worm with girders and use freeze. The player that manages to survive, wins. The mole doesn't explode and is available to collect crates more easily, without needing to fly down.


  • ABC - Armageddon Before Crate: Players need to use Armageddon before collecting a crate.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

The idea of dodging meteors with the Jet Pack already existed in the WWP 40th mission: "All Aboard". A scheme uploaded on 4th November 2006 on a russian website called WoRmS.oRg.Ua called Comet Dodging (unkown author, maybe Evil Bunny according to this edit made in 2006 on Evil Bunny's page), later Grunkk's Dodge The Meteors with his 2009 map and then TheMadCharles's Comet Dodging Race (2016) have all very similar concepts (meteors + Jet Pack). Some Board Games such as sbs's first Board Game (2012) use this concept too. DonMega's Improved Comet Dodging released in 2011 has more tools in addition to the Jet Pack to dodge the meteors (Ninja Rope, Parachute and Bungee). There are also ideas about surviving from Armageddon, but without the Jet Pack such as WA's 24th mission: "Countdown to Armageddon", Comet Dodging Race Wee (2004-2006) and GUERREIRO-RJ's Survivor released in 2011. OutofOrder's Chute Madness released in 2007 or earlier is also about dodging meteors, but with the Parachute.

After this scheme

Kradie released on 1st October 2021 Asteroid Dodge Race a scheme very similar to the already mentioned TMC's scheme Comet Dodging Race. The following day (2nd October 2021) he released another related scheme called Chaos Collect, with elements of Kangaroo's Crate Race (2015).

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