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Intentional pitfall trap for worms!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Counter-Strike
game with sbs and FoxHound
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Specially-designed map (examples: [1] and [2])
2-3 worms vs 2-3 worms

Counter-Strike is a wormy adaptation of the Counter-Strike game series. One player (or team of players) are the terrorists and the other player (or team of players) are the counter-terrorists. Each has a base to start and put their worms. Terrorists win by exploding mandatorily using the Dynamite (otherwise is cow and the game is ruined) all the oil drums of the map (4-7 in total, with no mines spawning on the map) or by eliminating all the counter-terrorist worms. Counter-terrorists must be careful to do not explode the oil drums and they win by eliminating terrorist worms.

The map usually has some narrow tunnels and ladders to the worms go up fast by walking, it also has many chambers, open areas and may even have traps in which if a worm falls there is no way back, being very hard to exit, probably only with the aid of some weapons, since there are no ropes, jet packs, LGs or teleports (except for the inicial placement) in the scheme that has limited arsenal, being most of it low powered with the F3 weapons as exceptions (normal power). Parachute and Bungee are infinite, being useful for mobility that can be increased with the important x3 fast walks, especially inside the tunnels. Baseball Bat is infite and can be used to delay opponents or to throw allied worms upwards (with the cost of some HP, though). The turn time is 23 seconds, the terrain is indestructible and the inicial health is 100 HP, meaning that the single Minigun can kill a worm in one turn.


The scheme was created by FiJer and released as an external (now dead) link along with this map on WMDB on 19th October 2008. In 2012, between the days 25 and 27 of September, sbs contributed with 3 more maps for the scheme.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

A similar idea existed months before the release of Counter-Strike scheme: Terrorismo by Davor. The scheme was released on Ligaworms on 28th January 2008 with a post containing a replay that cannot be found in the archive website. The comments of the post say the scheme is similar to the original Counter-Strike game. The map of Terrorismo had gargoyles to be destroyed using mines or Suicide Bomber as objective.

After this scheme

In 13th February 2011 another similar scheme, but as a Shopper variation possibly named Shoppa Strike(?) was published on WoRmS.oRg.Ua by EasterExplorer.

This article has a to-do list:
  • add detailed tactics
  • add a better replay file
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