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Homing Race:
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Homing Race is a racing-like weapon specific scheme that is focused on Homing Missile skills and it has some Golf gameplay aspects (numbers to complete and worms must stay on highlighted lines to shoot), although it might be more associated with Zook Training or Archery schemes that you have a target to hit (not a hole). The original map has 18 targets + a bonus one, the first ones are easy, but some targets are difficult, especially the later ones, requiring precise shots.


Transcribed from the original map:

"Place your worm on a red area, then shot the corresponding target. Once you managed, go to next area etc... Until the finish."


It was created by xDNCxGhost64x, released on 17th November 2010 on WMDB.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add a replay file
  • Add tactics
  • Add more details
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