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Experimental Schemes League
Experimental Schemes League screenshot

Experimental Schemes League or ESL is a league specifically focused on playing completely new or undeservedly forgotten, less popular schemes that are not included in the lists of other leagues, so ESL can be considered a testing ground for such non-standard schemes, promoting the ones the gaming community discovers something new and interesting.

The league was founded by SIBASA with the support of FoxHound on the basis of the WoSC community, which provided a separate board forum on the TUS website, where it was planned to implement all activities (the first announcement of the league was there on 10th May 2022), but later Zemke created a website for the league where you can watch the standings and the ability to upload game replays, and the main ESL Discord-channel has become a place for communication between players

Seasons & Schemes

Before each season, all interested players offer a list of schemes that they would like to see played in the upcoming season. This way a new list is formed for the first round of voting. After this, another list is formed containing the schemes in which they atributed the most votes, so that when the second round starts, it will finally decide the scheme that will be selected and played throughout the whole season.

Season 1: Alt-F4 scheme

In the first round of voting, 86 schemes were submitted, of which 41 received votes and only 9 advanced to the second round, in which the Alt-F4 scheme won by a wide margin.

The season lasted 2 months (from June 17 to August 17, 2022).

11 players are involved, 27 matches and 71 rounds have been played.

8 players moved to the playoffs, of which the finalists were: Kayz (Gold), Dream (Silver), KRD (Bronze).

Season 2: One of Everything scheme

In the first round of voting, 20 schemes were submitted, of which 15 received votes and only 6 advanced to the second round, in which the One of Everything scheme won by a small margin.

The season lasted a little over 1 month (from September 19 to October 29, 2022)

10 players are involved, 17 matches and 62 rounds have been played.

4 players moved to the playoffs, of which the finalists were: Zwitter (Gold), Kayz (Silver), vesuvio (Bronze).

Hall of Fame

Illustration of ESL winners with custom league trophies.

Season playoffs winners are inducted into the hall of fame and receive custom league trophies in the form of a gold, silver, and bronze grenade engraved with the logo and letters ESL.

In addition to this page, the Hall of Fame is duplicated in a special TUS thread and in the discord channel in the ESL -> Hall of Fame section.

ESL Golden Trophy.png - The Golden Trophy

Winners of this trophy: Kayz (1 Season), Zwitter (2 Season)

ESL Silver Trophy.png - The Silver Trophy

Winners of this trophy: Dream (1 Season), Kayz (2 Season)

ESL Bronze Trophy.png - The Bronze Trophy

Winners of this trophy: KRD (1 Season), vesuvio (2 Season)

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