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Jigsaw, PiNK and Rafka; taken from Worm Olympics
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Intermediate is the standard default scheme. It is the one played with on Deathmatch games, and the one selected by default when you go to create a game. This scheme is also commonly referred to as "Normal" in worms terminology, but the term "normal" also usually defines any non-specific game scheme based around the standard Worms gameplay. Certain specific other game types go by their own name e.g. Elite.

The Intermediate scheme contains a large variety of weapons, with many of the basic weapons in large or infinite supply and more powerful ones more limited. The benefit of this scheme is that it's varied enough to allow a few alternative methods of playing whilst remaining balanced. There is a fair number of transportation and defensive weapons, and Sudden Death results in all worms being reduced to 1 health point. The scheme has Special Weapon mode on, so each team has a different weapon as a secret. Most players of Worms have played this scheme due to its prevalence offline, and so most people are familiar with it.

A misconception about Intermediate is that in it, tactics don't play as large a part as they do in other schemes due to its variety, but this is not the case. Due to its variety, tactics can play a very large part in becoming a good player, due to the way you need to prepare against a large number of alternatives. Similarly, being able to use a large variety of weapons effectively will give the player a significant advantage.



This is Team17's edit of Intermediate which was used for the ranked WormNET channel #WormsLeagueAM.

The main differences it has are:

  • No fall damage
  • 5 second retreat time instead of 3 for ordinary attacks
  • 3 ninja ropes with 4-star power (instead of 5 with 3-star power)
  • Delays on sheep and baseball bat but not skunk
  • Slightly more weapon crates, but fewer weapons set to appear in them
  • Slower water rise rate at Sudden Death

It's possible they tweaked the scheme during the time that WormNET ranks were active.


The scheme has featured consistently in competitions: Crespo's Worms Tournament, NNN site, every year of the Worm Olympics from when it started in 2006 to when it ended in 2016, in cups and tournaments hosted on The Ultimate Site between 2010 and 2020.

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