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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Triple Shopper match
with DumbBongChow and DENnis
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Game setup
Triple Shopper:
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Good Shopper maps with no easy plopping area
Examples at the WMDB
1v1: 6 for each player

2v2: 3 or 4 for each player

3v3: 2 for each player

3 FFA: 6 for each player

4 FFA: 4 or 5 for each player

(Note that this game is still very playable with more worms than what is stated above for bigger shopper maps, playing in larger maps are especially better with many players.)

Triple Shoper is faster paced game than regular Shopper that also have balanced gameplay to make it more competitive. There is no non-AFR/ground weapon in crates in this RubberWorm scheme as well. Number of very weak, useless weapons are not in crates anymore to balance out the game. There's much more room for errors with rope as fall damage or self-damage does not end turn anymore, meaning the game doesn't need to be played by roping very carefully and slowly to help win the game.

Tripple Shopper icon.png


  • CBA (Crate Before Attack) [just one crate b4 attack]
  • AFR (Attack From Rope)
  • KTL (Kill The Leader) [players can just do damage 1 to leader each turn and/or don't need to damage leader first in every turn]

Turn and Sudden Death Time: 40 sec / 12 min

Stockpiling: Additional Weapon Every Round

RubberWorm Features: sdet, ldet, fdpt, craterate(3), and cratelimit(3)

Difference between regular TUS Shopper

  • Craterate is 3 instead of 1. (Max crate is 3.)
  • Shooting weapon does not end turn. (sdet)
  • Players can use as many weapon as they want in every turn.
  • Turn time is 10 seconds longer.
  • There's no retreat time, so be careful what players do at last second.
  • Fall damage or self-damage does not end turn anymore. (ldet)
  • Players don't get to freely place worms at the beginning of game anymore due to downtime of having too many worms to place.
  • Each worm have more health now. (250 health)
  • Hotseat delay is reduced to 8 seconds.
  • Firing weapon does not pause turn time. (fdpt)
  • Players start out with weapons from previous round other than the first one.
  • Crate probability of weapons are more varied than the regular one to make it more balanced. (better weapon, less chance of getting it)
  • Petrol Bomb (largely due to ldet), Cluster Bomb (far too map and/or situation dependent), Shotgun, Uzi, Minigun, Fire Punch, Dragonball, Baseball Bat, Skunk, and Flamethrower are not in crate anymore.
  • Grenade have weaker power due to 3 ammo per crate and sdet. (40 damage)
  • Holy Hand Grenade and Mad Cow now can be obtained from crate, and both of them have weaker power.
  • Dynamite, Homing Pigeon, Sheep, Sheep Launcher, and Old Woman have weaker power. (60 damage)
  • Players Have 3 Pnuematic Drill to help knock and mini-damage opponent's worms.
  • Non-water rising Sudden Death occurs after 20 minute.


July 30, 2011

  • Bazooka problem in crate has been solved.
  • Stockpile issue that doens\\'t stockpile Pnuematic Drill has been fixed
  • Crate probability of weapons is also changed, further balancing out the game.

August 20, 2011

  • Most recent, highly competitive replays are uploaded.


The author, DumbBongChow, released the scheme on TUS on 19th July 2011.

Competitive events


There was a cup in 2011 for this scheme.


There was an attempt to make a tournament in 2011, but it was canceled due to lack of players.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

wkShopper is a RubberWorm Shopper scheme submited by Warg on 18th November 2009.

After this scheme

Several similar schemes were released after this scheme, examples: Colossal Shopper released in 2013 on a map and upgraded in 2021) by FoxHound, MultiShopper released by Bran on 7th July 2014, Kaos Shopper released by Sensei on 12th January 2016, Frenzy Shopper released by Ivan and Noon on 16th June 2017, Supermarket Shopper released by CAK-RULES on 20th March 2021, and Crazy Shopper released by Viktori on 18th September 2022. There are other ones not listed here yet.

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