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After beating my brother and all my cousins, (as most of us did) I first came online (WWP) on march 2004. I had been playing worms (worms 2, WA and WWP) offline for over 2 years, so it was hard to find good normal players in a net dominated by shoppers and soon I became too self confident. In a matter of weeks I was found by NormalPro, a CWT player that told me there was a free spot in the group stage and that I was fit enough for it (the tournament normally has a newcomers selection competition that I bypassed). At CWT I met a lot of good normal players and I couldn't make it through the group stage. During that year NNN clan was founded and SirGorash insisted that I should join. I dind't like the idea of being in a clan, but by the end of 2004 I decided to join and I've been there ever since. One year later I made it to CWT quarter finals, and finally I won the tournament on 2006, and kept the gold medal on the 2007 edition.

Through the first years I was really competitive and, searching for unknown good normal players, I used to host "normal pros" games, insulting whoever decided to join and wasn't skilled enough. I still regret that. Near the begining of 2007 I started trying WA that, added to having won CWT, encouraged me to start trying different schemes. Back then most normal players (included me) were as closed minded as shoppers still are. Eventually things changed: I got to meet very nice people (most IRC-ers), started to appreciate the variety of games Worms can offer and became convinced of competition only being good for the community in small dosis (higly influenced by my experiences on Warcraft3 and Age of Empires2).

Nowadays I am a play-for-fun, help-the-noobs and be-more-sociable activist, even started a worms guide to share the knowledge I've aquired during years of playing this game.

Apart from worming I used to play Warcraft3 and Age of Empires2 for quite a long time and I am a biology student, capoeirist and fish-keeper (fish pics here)

This is a picture of my 22 year old human and I (yes it gets hard to worm when you have claws instead of fingers): Jenny y yo.jpg

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