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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: SuperSheeper (with health) with Erkrazem
and Random00; taken from Worm Olympics
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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: SuperSheeper (with God Mode) with
yojik and Quai; taken from Worm Olympics
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Supersheeper screenshot.png

Supersheeper, not to be confused with the Sheeper scheme, is a scheme where the Super Sheep is the only available weapon. Players are provided with no other weapons, or just transport tools.


Game setup
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Any convoluted island map (often a solid block with tunnels, or an inverted duel-layer cavern). Bigger maps tend to be better, though there is a limit to how far a Super Sheep can fly.
As many as possible

Played on random island maps, players must use the Super Sheep to attack their opponents.

Settings for this scheme can vary considerably, but the scheme usually provides no other weapons except for transport tools such as the Teleport.

Settings that may vary include:

  • whether worms have infinite health (God Mode);
  • whether worms are anchored;
  • how much time is provided;
  • whether the Aqua Sheep upgrade is enabled;
  • whether crates are provided.

If crates are enabled, collecting them using the Super Sheep becomes a valuable move. Depending on the specific crate settings, these crates can:

  • provide explosive hazards if set to contain sheep (which then detonate on the terrain when the crate is exploded)
  • provide health
  • provide utilities
  • provide additional weapons which can then be used instead of the Super Sheep

Although there is little in terms of strategy in the scheme, flying the Super Sheep can require a great deal of skill, especially when navigating narrow parts of the map.

There are no rules.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


The origin of the scheme is unknown but it has existed since 2006 at the latest, and was included in that year's Worm Olympics under the title of "Sheeper". It also appeared in the 2016 Worm Olympics under the title of "SuperSheeper". It has not appeared in any other competitions.

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