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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Teleporting match with sbs,
FoxHound, sK`cCLoWn`sW and Nicholaus04
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Game setup
Teleporting v3.8:
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Bigger than 1920 x 696 bulky terrain maps (examples: [1], [2])
As many as the map will support for automatic placement. Suggestion for 1vs1: 8

Teleporting is a scheme in which the premise is that with only 10 seconds of turn time you must teleport (only to crates) fast, wisely and carefully and attack/protect many times (due to multishot) from the same spots the crates spawned on a big terrain map which supports a lot of worms and the super weapons that sometimes appear in the crates. The scheme has also Shotgun and Longbow upgrades, anchor mode and the timer pauses while firing.

Game rules

  • Take at least 1 crate before any other action, i. e., 1 crate before attack or even before using some weapon in a defensive manner.
  • The Teleport must be used only to go into a crate location. Whenever you're using it, your worm must respawn and grab a crate. If you miss it, that teleportation is not valid, it must be repeated until the worm takes the crate.

Gameplay example

Your turn begins. You'll have 3 crates available. Think carefully about which one to pick up (and the order of these collects), if not all of these, because the worms will be anchored to the place where you are using teleport.

To take full advantage of your 10 seconds, be quick in your moves. If you do it well, it will be enough to collect the 3 crates and even to carry out several attacks... Moreover, to perform some defensive action (with girders for example)... Taking full advantage of RubberWorm features (sdet + usw + ldet).

Map details

There are different map sizes depending on the number of players in the game. E.g. standard size maps (1920x696) are more suitable for 1v1 games, but maps with larger dimensions work better when there are many players in the game. Keep in mind: the bigger the size the more players may fit perfectly.

In this regard, a word of warning: too many players with full teams of 8 worms in standard size maps, could cause a tedious manual placement at the beginnig of the game, due to exceeding the limit of available space.


Think carefully the order and how many crates you will get

The crate in the most dangerous position shouldn't be the last crate you will teleport, otherwise you will stay in a dangerous position and sometimes you will not be able to attack a worm. If posible, it's better to collect a last crate located in a hidden spot. This way, that worm will be protected at the end of the turn.

Dropping and teleporting

Dropping weapons like a Dynamite or a Ming Vase can cause a lot of damage to the worm you are controlling. So, teleporting right after the drop can be very useful.

Dropping mines to block crate spawns

Since in this scheme you can only teleport to crates, preventing the spawning of crates in a certain spot means that worms won't be able to teleport there too. This can be done dropping a mine on the desired spot. The only ways to a worm reach that spot are: removing the mine from there, using blowtorch or blasting/pushing a worm there.

Tips and tricks

Activating cursor weapons with space bar

Weapons that use the mouse cursor such as the teleport, homing and air strike-like weapons sometimes don't work exactly at the momment they are clicked (for example, when you click while the worm being controled is sliding). A good way to deal with this situation is just pressing space bar when the worm you are controlling stops sliding. This way you can save time and don't need to point with the cursor again (see Preselecting target in mid-air).


Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Arrows-minigun
(Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn)
Download · Info
Arrows-minigun trick (Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn)

This is a longbow trick that can be done in any scheme that uses Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn ESO feature. A worm can be damaged 2 or more times by the arrows in fractions of second, launching it further than usual (like a Minigun). It can also guarantee massive damage to a worm, since the arrows are very powerful in this scheme, and depending on the position the worm slide, the second shot of the Longbow might be impossible to hit that worm (remind that you can only teleport to crates, turn time is 10 seconds, and anchor mode is on).


The scheme was created by sbs and released on 27 December 2017 along with a roller coaster map on WMDB and also on a page of LeTotalKiller's Scheme Editor website. The author used to host and play a precursor scheme that had only 1 crate and multishot many years before the creation of Teleporting. On the first map release with the scheme description it is written that Teleporting is "very similar to the "Teleport Shopper"".

v3.8 Update

Teleporting scheme was updated for version 3.8, it is available on this page to be downloaded and was taken from this map by sbs, released on 16th September 2022 (WMDB).

Similar ideas

There are many similar schemes around worms community.

Before this scheme

Minhoco's Teleshop (present in the first edition of Worms Scheme Contest in 2010), Kradie's TeleShopper (2016) + its RubberWorm version (2016) by Xrayez, and Kradie's Teleport 2 Crate (2016).

After this scheme

On 21st March 2021, Kradie released on TUS another variation of the idea, called TeleShopper Reborn.

On 4th February 2022, Echiko released a scheme for the Apparition cup.

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