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(3vs3) By ConnY
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Digger was created 20th of January 2013, by ConnY.

In Digger the only possible way to kill your opponent is to drown them. To do this, you gather crates containing explosives. You use your explosives to blast your opponent and to gradually remove enough land to make the worms drown-able.

Digger requires roping skill, as you rope your way around the maps to gather the crates and attack from the rope. You only have 15 seconds every turn.

Your Inventory

In the start of the game, you will find these items in your inventory, and their use are as follows:

  • Low Gravity (unlimited), used to improve some blasts.
  • Blow Torch & Penumatic Drill (unlimited), used to make holes to hide.
  • Grinder Starter Pack (1), used to either block your opponent, fill up holes or make it more difficult to move around the map.

The items that are found in crates are as follows:

  • Grenade
  • Dynamite
  • Sheep
  • Sheep Launcher
  • Homing Pigeon
  • Super Sheep
  • Old Woman
  • Banana Bomb
  • Mad Cow
  • Holy Granade
  • Worm Select (1.7% chance)

The rules

Digger uses a set of rules commonly known as the CAK rules. Where CAK stands for;

  • CBA (Collect a Crate at the start of each turn Before Attacking with a weapon from your inventory)
  • AFR (Attacking from the rope.)
  • KTL (Blasting the 'leader' with a weapon in your inventory. The blast can be spread amongst other teams so long as the leader is hit in the blast.)

You may use the grinder pack before collecting crates but you may not place anything else on the map without collecting a crate first.

The maps

The maps in Digger may look as they want. As long as there's a boarder around the map and that the water level is set in such a way that the worms are able to drown. This makes it very easy to create maps for this particular game.

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