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Bat Festival:
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Bat Festival is a Plop War-like (a variant) battle scheme (worms have infinite health and can only be killed by plops) that consists mainly on the usage of Baseball Bat. For this reason, it can be considered a weapon specific scheme, although it does have some other weapons. The scheme has no rules. The original map is indestructible, has many plop areas and many of its parts can be acessed with LG + Chute. It has a bat (animal) shape.

Infinite weapons and utilities: Baseball Bat (power 5), Prod (power 5), Parachute, Bungee, Low Gravity, Fast Walk, and Laser Sight. There is x1 ammo for Longbow, and it can be found in weapon crates that have 10% of chance to spawn. There are only two weapons that can be obtained via crates: Longbow (66,7% of chance) and Worm Select (33,3% of chance). The mentioned weapons are all the ones present in the scheme.

Sudden Death is set to 120 of round length, so it is almost impossible to happen, if it does happen, worms will instantly stay with 1HP. Land mines are instant. Turn length is 33 seconds. Retreat time is 6 seconds.


The original map + scheme was released by emteka, on WMDB on 27th October 2012.

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