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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Skinflint Roping
match with Dario and Korydex
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Skinflint Roping:
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Normal game style of roping training techniques

Skinflint Roping is a rope-based racing scheme, but specialized on the "normal way of roping", in which usually you have to economize the rope shots since in normal games usually the rope has few ammo and is 3-powered, meaning only 2 shots per rope ammo. So, it is a scheme that trains players to make the best possible use of the rope in normal games, the best cost benefit of it, using very well the lengh of the rope, the movements passing through narrow passages, folding the rope, changing sides, doing smart rope rolls and hitting precisely at specific spots. It is the Rope Race of the normal players, especially because the maps are made on in-game captures/screenshots from randomly-generated terrains of the game with some modifications e.g. there's a start, a finish and specks with numbers. Note that these captures often include bazooka craters, blowtorch tunnels, etc. simulating a situation during a normal game match.

How to play (rules)

Teleport to the start, attach your rope to the first target (speck with number 1) and without falling try to attach the rope to the second target (speck with number 2). Do the same from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and so on until the end.

If you ever attach the rope to anything but the correct target, you teleport back to the last target you successfully reached. If you fail to reach the correct target (for example by falling) you also teleport back to the last target you reached.

Previous versions

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Skinflint Roping match (previous
scheme version) with Crysis, Dario and Koras
Download · Info

In the first version of the scheme, if you lose your turn in an attempt, the next turn would be used only to teleport back to the previous target and when playing online, after the appearence of RacingStuff, typing "/race" before starting the game (as the host) was recommended to avoid worms blocking other worms. Later a RubberWorm version (with loss of control doesn't end turn) was released and now there's a v3.8 update to the scheme in which solve these previous issues.


The scheme was created by Dario who released it on WMDB and on NNN clan website forum on 2nd June 2009. On 15th February 2013, Korydex submited the scheme on TUS along with a mappack of the first 3 maps Dario made.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

There were already some Rope Race maps with creative rules about roping while following a sequence of numbers before Dario's scheme. Dario was probably the first to create a specialized scheme with this concept, including some unique traits like simulating conventional gameplay style of roping on randomly generated maps converted to PNG. One example of a map before the release of Skinflint Roping scheme is Ropetrix map by Syc0, released on 21st June 2004. Note that on its WMDB page description it says exactly this: "Got the idea off a map dragon hosted.". So, probably there are other maps before Ropetrix with similar concepts.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Find Dragon's map containing a part similar to Skinflint Roping scheme.
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