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Worms Scheme Contest
WSC website
WSC website
Creator: Balee, FFie
Creation date: December 2009
Link: http://wsc.wmdb.org/

Worms Scheme Contest, also known in worms terminology as WSC (which is a not-too-subtle reference to the game's scheme format), is a contest where people compete by making new schemes. The first—and so far, only—contest started in January 1st, 2010. It is organized by Balee.

The website cannot be accessed anymore (it is a dead link). The latest functional version can still be visited through the Internet Archive here.


Anyone can participate by sending in a scheme they created, if the simple condition of the scheme in question not being public is fulfilled. It is generally agreed upon, that "being public" means that the scheme is not hosted in any leagues or tournaments (for example in Worm Olympics), nor it is played on WormNET by people other than the creator of the scheme, and a minimal amount of people—this usually meaning friends and clanmates. The submitted replays are reviewed by a carefully selected jury, who will give points for each scheme by either following certain guidelines, or by deciding on them subjectively. The submissions are handled anonymously, to ensure impartial judgement.

It is imperative, that the schemes someone wants to submit is original—even if it's a variant of a previously existing scheme.


The goal of this contest is to present new, enjoyable schemes to the public, in order not to let the community—to quote Balee—"sink into the 'Shopper-WxW-Normal' trio's swamp". His idea is that by presenting several new schemes to the people of WormNET, more and more players might realize the importance of enjoyable, non-competitive gameplay, as well as that of a good community spirit.

First edition

The first edition's of the contest had 19 schemes made by a total of 17 players.

First positions

The winner was the scheme Quickdraw by NAiL (80 points), the second place was granted to lacoste's Mom Wars (75 points) and the third place was granted to Ponty's Rubber Baseball (71 points). To see the complete analysis made by Mablak and Balee of all schemes, click here.


The prize of the contest is written on the Rules page exactly this way:


The winner's scheme shall recieve the title "Scheme of the Year", as well as a thorough article on the Worms Knowledge Base. Further whatnots are planned. :)"

The reward only happened late and indirectly, since Quickdraw article was written (not by the contest's crew) in this wiki (being part of the Schemes page) around 10 years later.

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