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Any open-island map with mostly low terrain and one or two hills.
4 worms per team, or 2 worms per team if playing 2v2.

Scramble is a scheme characterised by imminent (and fast) flooding. Played on randomly generated island maps, it is perhaps more akin to the default schemes, particularly Sudden Sinking. A restrictive set of weapons, however, ensure a considerably different gameplay.

With just three minutes of round time before rapid flooding starts to consume the terrain, and an arsenal that leaves much to be desired, players barely have a chance to win by brute aggression alone. High ground is the prize, but the scramble to safety will not be easy...


While the impending flood defines the players' strategies, the scheme is far more than a simple race to the top. Efforts to scale the mountainous terrain are impeded by a dire lack of transport tools, so attacking the enemy instead (though also restricted by a similarly dire lack of weapons) will often seem a more fruitful endeavour. A sporadic flow of crates, each promising a far more useful weapon than those already equipped, also distracts from the altitudinal imperitive.

The balance that a player chooses between these three needs - height, aggression and crates - is as much dependant on his worms' starting positions as it is on his personal style of play. The need for an ability to read the map and to read other players' probable intentions generates an intense challenge with every game.

A lack of retreat time also adds a rare twist to the gameplay, encouraging players to think very carefully about their attacks and plan their turns in advance.


The restrictive selection of weapons and tools forces players to be creative with their limited options, in both attacking and in seeking out the high terrain.

Lacking even bazookas and grenades, only the uzi, longbow and shotgun (of which there is only one) provide players with any sort of long-range attack capability. The other weapons - firepunch, dragonball, prod and blowtorch - see most conflict taking place in close quarters. But bazookas and grenades can be found in crates, along with mortars, petrol bombs, and cluster bombs. In this scheme, crates are the only source of projectile explosives.

A focus on climbing comes with its own struggles. Transport tools are conspicuously absent - there is no rope, jetpack, teleport or even parachute to help players with their climb. Only mole bombs can provide a player with a route up a difficult mountain, with the blowtorch in a supporting role. The longbow can double-up as a tool for creating steps, and a solitary girder may provide an invaluable boost for height, but its other varied uses may deter a player from using it too hastily.

Along with the shotgun and girder, the skunk, flamethrower and suicide bomber also make one-time appearances, tasking players with the effort of determining the most opportune moment to use each one.


The scheme was devised by Run sometime in January 2010.

Similar ideas

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  • Sudden Sinking is an intrinsic scheme that is also based on an early water rising.
  • Armageddon is an intrinsic scheme that also starts with sudden death and water rising.
  • Drown Syndrome is a 2008 scheme with early water rising made by the same author, Run.

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