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Burn your enemies with petrols!

Burning Girders is a scheme centred around the Petrol Bomb, with no other weapons available. It is played on a map consisting only of randomly placed girders. Worms typically die to drowning, as they can be easily swept off their girders into the water by fire. Barrels and health crates enhance this danger. The scheme places emphasis on artillery skills, but the luck of the wind direction also plays a major role.


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Burning Girders:
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Completely empty map (girders will be automatically placed when the map loads)
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Players begin by placing their worms on the map, which consists entirely of a random distribution of short girders suspended in mid-air. Players may find that they have to 'double up' and share a girder with another worm, if there are more worms to place than available girders.

When the round begins, players use the only weapon available - petrol bombs - to eliminate their opponents.

No transport tools except for a single Teleport is provided, so it is usually difficult to travel from one girder to another.

There are no rules.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


The scheme provides limited scope for strategy but there are a few techniques that players of the scheme will be familiar with.

  • Target above your opponent - hit a girder above your opponent, rather than trying to target them directly, and allow the falling fire to sweep them off their girder and into the water (if wind permits). Crates and barrels can make this easier by providing a bigger target to hit, as well as more fire over a greater area.
  • Avoid standing under girders - as a corollary to the above, your initial worm placement should avoid places under girders where your worm would be vulnerable to falling fire. This usually means that players will completely avoid the bottom half of the map as they race to occupy the topmost girders.
  • Throw a vertical petrol bomb and retreat - if your worm is sharing a girder with an enemy worm, you can guarantee a hit by throwing the petrol bomb vertically upwards and then retreating before it comes back down. This requires that there is another girder directly below to drop onto, or a girder than can be safely jumped onto.
  • Target precisely to control the fire - if a petrol bomb hits the middle of a girder, the fire will spread over the top of the girder and fall off both ends of it. But if the petrol bomb hits a corner, it will only fall over that edge. This can be used to avoid friendly fire.
  • Save the teleport for your last worm - if down to your last worm, you might need that teleport to move to a safer area (e.g. not under a girder), so don't use it until then.


The origin of the scheme is unknown but it has existed since 2006 at the latest, and has been included in the Worm Olympics every year from 2006 to 2016, often without variation. The scheme has also featured in tournaments hosted on The Ultimate Site in 2011.

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