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4 in a Row:
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One per player; 1vs1

4 in a Row is a wormy adaptation of the real life board game Connect Four (known as 4 in a Row). The gameplay is exactly the same (most people around the globe should know how to play), so it is played 1 vs. 1 on a standard board with 7 columns x 6 rows. Each one has 21 girders to cover the 42 free spaces. The first to form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line with 4 girders is the winner.


  • The goal is to be the first to form either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of 4 of one's own girders.
  • Use always the same style of girders, regarding with your initial designation as Player 1 (vertical girder) or Player 2 (horizontal girder).
  • In every turn (don't skip), put the girders straight down and go upwards, occupying the available space within any column.
  • If both players spent all their 21 girders without reaching the goal, it means draw.


Creative modifications of the scheme.

Gomoku (5 in a Row)

Main Article: Gomoku (5 in a Row)

This variant is a wormy adaptation of the real life board game Gomoku (known as 5 in a Row).

The challenge is to make "5 In A Row" using a major board with 361 intersections (19x19). The differences from 4 in a Row are: it's permitted to put the pieces anywhere, and overlines doesn't count as victory (no more than 5 pieces must form the winning line).


On 2nd February 2017, sbs released the original map along with the scheme on WMDB.

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