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The ability to launch multiple Super Sheep at the same time requires a specific scheme and a complex procedure. Commonly known as the Sheep Glitch, this attack can cause major damage (unless God Mode is enabled) and cause worms to fly far off the edge of the world before falling into the water if executed perfectly.

It is also possible to launch multiple Mole Bombs at the same time using the same method, replacing Super Sheep with Mole Bombs, as well as with Sheeps and any other weapons that require the user to press Space in order to explode (see the "Facts" of WA method and the bottom of WWP method).

Setting Up The Scheme

The Sheep Glitch attack can not be performed in normal games. The scheme would need to only have unlimited Low Gravity, unlimited Ninja Rope, unlimited Pneumatic Drill, and most importantly, unlimited Super Sheep (or Mole Bombs for the Mole Glitch).

Also, God Mode, Super Rope Mode (WWP), and Using a Weapon Doesn't End Your Turn Mode would need to be activated.

How to do it in WWP

The attack would have to be done quickly because of the time limit associated with the Using a Weapon Doesn't End Your Turn Mode.

  • Step 1: Activate Low Gravity (Select Low Gravity and hit Space).
  • Step 2: Fire a Ninja Rope and raise your worm (Hit F8, aim the rope, and hit Space and then the Up arrow key).
  • Step 3: Select Pneumatic Drill and launch it from the rope (Hit F7 and then hit Enter).
  • Step 4: While still in the air, immediately get off the Drill, select Super Sheep and hold the fire key (Hit Space, immediately hit F5 and hold Space). Many Super Sheep will appear while your worm descends.
  • Step 5: If your worm makes a good landing, hit the fire key. You can then fly all of the Super Sheep at once (Hit Space and the left/right arrow keys).

To fire the Skunk and Salvation Army in WWP in this way, you'd also have to tap the corresponding F hotkey multiple times, as these weapons change automatically when you fire them.

How to do it in WA

To perform this glitch in WA, WormKit and RubberWorm with the multishot feature will be required.

1st method

This method is almost the same as in WWP. The difference is that in WWP you had to hold the Space near the end (see the "Step 5" above), but here it won't work. Instead, you will need to tap the spacebar as fast as you can, thus releasing more and more sheeps. To make the sheeps fly, it's not necessarily required to land on the ground first, you can do so by pressing Enter when you're in air. All the other steps are the same.

2nd method

This method involves either Bungee or Bungee from Jet Pack glitch and TestStuff as well. Once you're on bungee, just choose the Super Sheep, press Space and then tap Enter multiple times, thus releasing more and more sheeps. Like in 1st method, to make the sheeps fly, it's not necessarily required to land on the ground first, but here it's Space that is needed to be pressed when you're in air.


Basically, any other weapon that requires pressing Space to explode (Sheep Launcher, Skunk, Salvation Army and Super Banana Bomb), can be fired in this way, but since they get changed automatically after being fired, the RubberWorm wdca feature will be also required. The Sheep Launcher and Super Banana Bomb can be fired in this way only by using the 2nd method stated above (since they are designed as launchers).

This article has a to-do list:
  • Upload the replays of WA methods
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