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Take out the Mine:
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Take out the Mine is a RubberWorm scheme that uses the features "Shot Doesn't End Turn" and "Fire Doesn't Pause Timer", consisting in a race in which players must drop weapons (bazookas, grenades, dynamites and bananas) from the Jet Pack to blow a dropped mine through all the map, taking care not to blow it up (if this happens, they will have to drop a new one at the latest checkpoint achieved), and not to lose the turn due to taking damage on the worm being controlled.


  • AFJ - Attack From Jetpack (players must drop weapons from jetpack to push the mine)
  • STF - Start to Finish (each worm on its corresponding side must start at start and push its mine to the finish)
  • Auto/hot keys are forbidden!
  • If you accidently blew up the mine, you should continue from the latest checkpoint you achieved, dropping a new mine there. If you didn’t reach the first checkpoint: start from start again.

Gameplay alternatives

Suggested by the author

  • 100-200 HP worms (for experient players)
  • Right after playing on one side and reaching the finish, play again, but this time on the other side (which might cause the feeling of playing on a different map).

Different from the original setup rules

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An experimental 2vs2 Take out the Mine game
with sbs and FoxHound against Royal and cCLoWn
Download · Info
  • Even though the original map description (with the scheme setup rules) says that players shouldn't play with more than 1 worm for each map side, the replay available on the right of this text shows an experimental 2vs2 gameplay: two allied worms per map side (1 per team/player). Note that the second allied worm may cause the mine activation, so players must be careful with that.


On 19th August 2012, Skum released a map + scheme on WMDB titled "Take out the Mine".

Similar ideas

On 9th November 2010 merlade released on WMDB a very similar scheme entitled "Mine Race". Skum commented on this map complaining that maybe "Take out the Mine" was not a new idea. On 8th August 2011 Peti released another very similar map + scheme named "Dud Mine Race". Also, a 2009 scheme in which players have to push a Worm instead of a mine already existed: xDNCxGhost64x's Baseball Race. Later, in 2014, a racing scheme (that also uses a lot the Jet Pack) with this "pushing a worm" concept was created by sbs, receiving the name "Driver" (inspired by the first task of his map "Rubber Board II", released months before).

Board Game pushing mine tasks

There are lots of Board Games with this kind of tasks. Here, a short list of maps made before Take Out The Mine scheme.

Using explosions
Using jumps
Using Baseball Bat
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