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Hunter is a Parachute Shopper-like battle scheme, played on indestructible map, without rules. It has 30 seconds of turn time, only Weapon Crates drop each turn. Starting weapons: infinite Longbow, infinite Fast Walk, infinite Worm Select, and infinite Parachute. Super Weapons are impossible to be found in crates, but almost all the other weapons have an equal chance of spawning on the map. The only weapons that have a power different than the standard 3 stars are: Baseball Bat (5 stars) and Ninja Rope (5 stars). Note that the rope can make the scheme a bit snowballing, since it has x3 ammo in crates and it can be used to collect crates and dominate the map. Super Sheep has a bit of this effect too. The scheme has only Oil Drums as objects: x10 of them. Worms have initial health of 200HP. Round time is 20 minutes, with water rising only (medium: 20 pixels per turn) during Sudden Death.

Players can cover a bit less than half the the map in one turn. This makes it into a strategic kinda game based on travel, get a crate or attack, etc. The original map is similar to a Fly Shopper map (some simmetry on it), but with terrain "clouds" on the open area, and the big object in the middle has an access that players can pass walking through it. Also, the map is designed to becompletely explored by walking, jumping and parachuting.


  • Make the opponent stay with a single worm as soon as possible. This way, the opponent can be "snowballed", since it will have less options to play (he will not be able to use the infinite Worm Select), harder access to crates, harder to attack or to hide.


The original map + scheme was released by PePaR, on WMDB on 20th September 2010. On the map description, the author wrote that he made it a year or so before the release.

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