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Martyn Brown War:
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Empty map, like in Holy War.

Martyn Brown War or MBW is a weapon specific battle scheme that is focused on MB Bomb skills. The gameplay can be considered a Holy War, but played with Martyn Brown. There are no rules. Paying attention to the wind is very important.


The original name of the scheme had Martyn written with i, but the correct name is with y. It was created by Krivoy, released on 10th August 2014 on TUS.

Similar ideas

There are other MB Bomb-specific schemes.

Before this scheme

MB Bomb Race
Official map rules.

There's a MB Bomb specific point-based scheme created by Greg and released on 23rd July 2009 called MB Bomb Race. Players must start at start and then place a worm at the white area to be exploded by a MB Bomb. The idea is to score the maximum number of points (similar to Darts) after 5 worms.

After this scheme

Only MB 3.8
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example Only MB 3.8 game
with eule, KFW, jisagod2u, and Klebeband
Download · Info

There is an ESO scheme called Only MB 3.8, submitted and probably created by eule on 13th November 2020. It has SDET, 6 seconds of turn time, game engine speed of x1.1 and Anti Sink.

It has a slightly delayed Teleport + much delayed Armageddon as Sudden Death substitute. There are no special rules, its pretty self-explanatory.

  • It is sometimes beneficial, towards the end-game, to search a small pixel to stand on without any land around it. Chances are good that the MB Bomb misses you! But this is also risky, since with Anti Sink, if the ground you stood on was bombed, you sink.

This article has a to-do list:
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