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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Blitz Fort match
with DumbBongChow and UISxWaterMelon
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Blitz Fort is a fort scheme based off from Sheep Fort as players use flying sheep to help them to get crates. (Note that flying sheeps are powerless) It has these RubberWorm features: sdet, ldet, antisink, craterate(6), and cratelimit(8). It's an unusual fort scheme because most of weapons are nerfed. Because weakening weapons causes to have smaller explotions, small fort maps are actually very playable even with multiweapon fire, high turn time, and high crate rate. Like other fort schemes, players can't ever invade opponents's fort. Antisink is on to allow more various worm positionings in fort, and it makes worms much harder to plop. Players can kill worm by making worm plop two straight times without any pause in motion. Because of the antisink, ammo of low gravity is infinite to further enhance the flexibility of aiming weapons without easy worm plop. Players don't necessarily always have to focus too much on getting crates because crate before attack doesn't apply in this scheme. Number of utilities are in this scheme to help worm avoid weapon fire and move more efficiently. Ammo of fast walk is also infinite to reduce wasting turn time through moving worms.


DumbBongChow is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki page on 16th May 2011‎.

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