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Bloopy is a wormer from New Zealand whose life has been dominated by the Worms series ever since he obtained Worms United in 1996. Bloopy was known as TheHarvester on WA Wormnet up until mid-2000, but changed nicks to avoid being confused with another wormer, Harvester.

He is best known for the numerous custom WA maps he created, and the website he put them on: Bloopy's Worms Page. He created Shotgun Race, Parachute Race (in its WA form) and was also pivotal in popularizing Boom Race and Bungee Race in the game.


Bloopy's websites hosted Worms content during the following eras:

  • 1999-2001: Paul's Games Page (hosted on Xoom/NBCi)
  • 2001-2005: Bloopy's Worms Page (hosted on Topcities)

Other websites Bloopy helped out with over the years include BlameThePixel, RRKit, Homebrew Worm Designs, The Challenge Base, Networms (Worms 2 content) and Wormsbuzz (Worms 3D content).

Schemes Created



  • 2001: NZWC. Founded the New Zealand Worms Clan, but it was short-lived.
  • 2001-2002: TAK. Joined The Ass Kickers, led by Incubus.
  • 2003: OTB. Spent a week at most in the reformed OTB, led by Munks.
  • 2003-present: WwA.


  • 2003: w0w. Joined Worms Of War, led by Donky.


  • - A program which read a WA replay file (badly) and displayed the chat messages from the game.
  • Worms Autogaming - A program released as a screen saver that can select WA replays randomly or in sequence and launch them one after the other.

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