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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Nanageddon
game with Pac-Man
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(Very) big maps
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A mine wave "trick" which is caused by placing as many mines as possible and then a dynamite over them.

Nanageddon is a WeaponXpress clone to work with destructible terrain.

Since the overpowered weapons of the WeaponXpress scheme remove destructible terrain too fast, very big maps are needed. It is common to use very high maps, the author used to play this on a 1920x30552 map.

All weapons are available, except:

  • Weapons which explode or raise events on-demand (e.g. Super Sheep, Mole, Skunk etc.) since this is nasty with shot-doesn't-end-turn enabled.
  • Weapons producing fire (Petrol Bomb) since flying fire needs minutes until getting down to the water surface.

As in WeaponXpress, all weapons are extremely overpowered.

All differencies to WeaponXpress summed up:

  • Destructible terrain
  • 250 instant mines are placed
  • Weapons producing solid terrain are enabled
  • Water rises by 253 pixels each turn

The RubberWorm settings normally used are:

  • sdet (Shot doesn't end turn)
  • ldet (Loss of control doesn't end turn)

Optionally, the following settings can make the game more interesting:

  • wdca (Remember selected weapon after firing one)
  • ope (Explosions push all objects, also weapons)
  • jetpack255 (infinite jetpack fuel)
  • fr (Infinite object acceleration)
  • ir (accelerated rope)
  • rubber128 (sproingy worms) or rubber1 (prevents worms from slipping)
  • antisink (plopping worms becomes harder and mostly impossible)

Teststuff can be enabled but is not actually needed to play the game.


  • The scheme is a fun scheme and thus said extremely senseless and mind-blowing.
  • The usage of macros and / or scripts gives the player extreme advantages.
  • Because of the huge size of the map much memory is needed to actually play this game. The author's map used about 150MB of memory.
  • Users with slow PCs probably cause lag since many active weapons and clusters slow down the game.
  • With fr enabled it often happens that objects reach a mostly-infinite moving speed and need minutes to sink again. Fr should probably not be enabled or a top ceiling should be added to the map.


Pac-Man is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki page on 9th April 2011‎.

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