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1) Jet Pack Bungee glitch
2) Drop mine on a worm
3) Bungee knock the other worm!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Bungee Plop game
with wormystormy and Rage
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Game setup
Bungee Plop:
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Completely empty map (girders will be automatically placed when the map loads)
Usually 4 teams in total with 4 worms per team

Bungee Plop is a scheme based on the idea of Bungee glitch in the air from Jet Pack. Turns consist on doing the glitch and then attack using mine (trying to bungee knock enemy worms after the drop) or drill (knocking multiple worms with a safe landing for your worm in the end) to sink enemy worms (since three mines would be necessary to kill a worm by damage, because the Fall Damage is inexistent in this scheme).

Depending on the height the bungee is activated, it will have different lenghts, affecting its power to launch the worm further.


  • AFB - Attack From Bungee (in the air)
  • KTL - Kill The Leader


The scheme was created by wormystormy and released on TUS on 5th October 2013.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Empty map

Holy War, Burning Girders and Snooker are schemes that also use completely empty maps to play.

Based on Bungee

Several other schemes are based on Bungee, such as: Bungee (scheme), Bungee Fight, Bungee Race, Bungee Shopper, etc.

From Jet Pack glitch

A scheme similar to Ghost Knocking already existed, but exploring the bungee and its glitch: released on 10th December 2008 (alternative 2019 link) by xDNCxGhost64x, the scheme is called Bungee Knockers.

After this scheme

Based on Jet Pack Bungee glitch

A similar scheme named Bungee Glitch Race also focused on Jet Pack Bungee glitch was released on WMDB on 3rd April 2014 as a work by WoSC community. The experimental map (with technical issues at some ending parts) + the scheme were made by Clamp and the idea was proposed by FoxHound on WoSC website.

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