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Game setup
WxW Forts:
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WxW Forts is a mixture of Wall-X-Wall Shopper and Fort. The map has 2 sides (symmetrical), players must touch all walls of the side they are, touch the crate map representation, and attack the opponent from the rope, without invading the other side.


Official map rules.
  • There are no spawning crates in this scheme. The crates are simply part of the map, as if they were an extra wall to be touched. CBA (Crate Before Attack) rule exists, but the crate is a map object: always at the same place.
  • It is forbidden to cross, or touch the "prohibited area" with the rope or the worm. If this happens, the player who infringed the rules must skip the turn.
  • AFR (Attack from Rope)
  • Other rules on the map


The original map, called "W4W-Forts", has 4 walls on each team side and a simple layout, to facilitate attacks. It was uploaded by Thc and released on 15th September 2011 on WMDB.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add a replay file
  • Add tactics
  • Add more details
  • Add gif
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