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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a RnR game with
Mega`Adnan and Xrayez; taken from Worm Olympics
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Game setup
Rumble and Ramble:
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Open randomly-generated maps (not caves) - preferably semi-complex/complex ones, without bridges.

Slighlty edited maps are allowed in order to open up closed parts of the map.

MapGEN island maps are fine as long as they're not greater than 3000px in width and 800px in height.
4 per team; 3 on mutual agreement

Rumble and Ramble or RnR is a scheme similar to Aerial, but there's no Jet Pack, instead, there is infinite 2-star-powered rope that restricts the angle of the rope to 45º, being more difficult to use the rope on the 6 seconds of the scheme. Roping on randomly-generated islands makes the scheme a bit similar to Roper. The author of the scheme was also inspired by Hysteria, BnG and Elite, so the scheme can be considered a pot-pourri, a medley, or a megamix just like BWFWHRR scheme. Retreat from land is 3 seconds, retreat from rope is 6 seconds.


6 seconds to artillery time!
  • Manual placement is enabled; Auto placement on mutual agreement
  • Health and weapon crates may occure
    • Health crates: 2,5%
    • Weapon crates: 2.5%


  • Everything is allowed, including Rope Knocking and Blocking, except Skipwalking that is not allowed: violator must to skip his next turn

Note: V3.8's Extended Scheme Options has a feature that disables skipwalking.

Non-standard weapon powers

Note: values in parentheses represent standard values.

Available in weapons panel

Mortaricon.png Mortar
Power Number of clusters Maximum injury Crater diamater
15 7 30 HP 61 px
(3) (5) (15 HP) (35 px)

Battleaxeicon.png Battle Axe
Power Maximum injury
5 75%
(3) (50%)

Ninjaropeicon.png Rope
Power Angle
2 45°
(3) (90°)

Holygrenadeicon.png Holy Hand Grenade
Power Maximum injury Crater diameter
1 80 HP 161 px
(3) (100 HP) (199 px)

In crates only

Bananaicon.png Banana bomb (just like Grenade)
Power Number of clusters Maximum injury Crater diameter
1 3 52 HP 97 px
(3) (5) (75 HP) (147 px)

Madcowicon.png Mad Cows
Power Number of cows Maximum injury Crater diameter
1 3 52 HP 97 px
(3) (5) (75 HP) (147 px)


  • Hiding is very important. Keep in mind that RnR has a Fast Walk and Low Gravity.
  • Given Mortar's powerful settings, it may be useful to keep it up to the Sudden Death. Aiming the Mortar below the worm's baseline yields better results as well. With LG, the clusters spread out over a considerable distance, so players have to be careful not to hit their own worm(s).


RnR icon.png

The scheme was created by Xrayez, and released on TUS in 27th May 2013. After this release, the author started to code a new game, with independant design, based on this Worms Armageddon scheme.

Competitive events

RnR was featured on 3 TUS cups (2013, 2014 and 2016) and also on a WO tournament in 2016.


Modifications with relatively small detail changes to the scheme.

Original scheme

The first TUS cup created for this scheme named "Rumble'N'Ramble - Experimental Cup" used the original version of the scheme. Months after this, it was updated (now with 6 seconds instead of 5, among other differences) for the second cup, thus being kept as the official and definitive version of the scheme.


Creative modifications of the scheme.

RnRX - Rumble and Ramble remiX

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a RnRX
game with Lupastic and Kirill-Gamer
Download · Info

This variant created by Lupastic, released on TUS on 11th August 2022, can be played not only on Island maps, but also cave maps. It has 8 seconds of turn time, more retreat time, and way less weapons, keeping only the weapons that can be dropped from rope. It turns the scheme much more associated to the Roper scheme elements, but still keeps some things of conventional gameplay schemes and artillery schemes, such as BnG.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Omega was submited by melbo on 1st November 2012 on TUS. The scheme has 3 seconds of turn time, infinite rope and similar artillery weapons compared to RnR scheme. It has two rules: no straight bazooka shots and green grenades only from rope.

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