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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Gravity Warfare
match with DumbBongChow, SiD, and arcs
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Gravity Warfare:
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Gravity Warfare is a no ruled game which heavily requires on getting crates to win the game like shopper schemes (Note that CBA rule does not apply in this game). This scheme has these RubberWorm features: jetpack(inf), rubber(50%), Cblackhole(g1.0), sdet, ldet, rope+, craterate(24), and cratelimit(6). This scheme is based off from Gravity Intermediate, and the gravity is at center of the map instead of at bottom. People can get crate using various ways: rope, jet-pack, parachute, and etc. Due to unique black hole gravity mechanic, it could potentially be much harder to attack worms and get crates with jet pack, due to this utility being much less useful at the bottom part of gravity maps, and rope; however, this mechanic makes the parachute much more useful especially with /ts on. There are also some weapons you start out with at the beginning of this game unlike shopper. Ming Vase is delayed for spawn protection, and this weapon is crucial in later part of games. Lastly, it's is very important that anybody, who's hosting this game, turn on /ts function and put + health on all worm teams before starting this game to enhance this game experience.


DumbBongChow is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki page on 26th May 2011‎.

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