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Game setup
Bungee Fight:
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Specially-designed map (example).
4-8 per team (8 is recommended); 1vs1 only.
Bungeeing and flying from a tower of stacked worms to the other side of the map.

Bungee Fight is a quirky scheme where two teams use the bungee to try and fling their worms to the opposing side of the map. The map alone has nowhere to bungee from, so you have to stack your worms up and bungee from the stack.

The scheme file has 30 seconds of turn time, with infinite Bungee and Fast Walk and nothing else to play. No Low Gravity nor Worm Selects, though players can select which worm to use at the beginning of each turn (with TAB key). God Worms is enabled.


  • Each team can start anywhere on their own side.
  • The winner is the 1st person to bungee all but 3 of their worms to the other side.
  • Worms are permitted to hit the other team's pile.
  • Once your worms are on the other side, you must not use them, except to walk or skip go.
Official map rules.

Map design

Details about map requirements and specifications:

The map is mirrored and has a big wall in the middle, similar to a Fly Shopper map, but with structures and areas designed for bungeeing — although only with a stack of at least 3 other worms to attain enough height for the bungee to work. The map has tunnels to allow worms to go around to the other side of the pile.

The idea would be to create ledges or drops between about 82 - 97 pixels high. This is because the minimum height you can bungee from is 126, and a stack of 3 worms adds another 44 pixels (16 + 16 + 12 since the worm mask isn't rectangular and you're bungeeing from the side edge of the top one). 82 + 44 achieves the required 126.


  • As alluded to in the rules, hitting the other team's pile (see Pile in Worms Terminology) can destroy all their effort of stacking their worms, so they'll have to pile their worms again, costing time.
  • Avoid knocking your own tower of stacked worms with backflip from below, since this will likely deconstruct your tower, and you will have to spend more time stacking worms again.
  • Try to make the tower of worms at the edge of a cliff or overhang, as that way it's possible to trigger Bungee with fewer worms.
  • Avoid falling from the tower of worms. When your worm falls from it without activating Bungee, it may lose its turn or otherwise need to walk and jump a lot to reach the pile again (with battleracing skills).


Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example Bungee
Fight game with Bloopy and
FoxHound, using the v3.8 feature:
"Worm selection is never canceled"
Download · Info

Modifications with relatively small detail changes to the scheme.

  • The v3.8 feature "Worm selection is never canceled" is very useful in this scheme, causing it to be less bureaucratic and more dynamical.
  • Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn might be interesting too.


The scheme was created by Bloopy in January 2004 (archived here in February 2004), taking inspiration from Bungee Race (as per this comment).

The original .BIT map cannot be downloaded from the archived pages of old websites anymore, but it was submitted to TUS in 2014 by MonkeyIsland.

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