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The Calling:
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The Calling is a battle scheme that consists mainly on the usage of Mine Strike. For this reason, it can be considered a weapon specific scheme, although it does have some other weapons.

There is only one single ammo of Air Strike that must be used on the first turn at the ceiling of the opposing team (there are areas that is written "don't break here", to enforce that players must not use Air Strike anywhere else other than the opposing team ceiling).

Once both ceilings are opened, the main concept of the scheme begins: it is all about trying and hoping that the mines will hit the enemy worms and kill them, considering all the many blocks that are above the worms (mines will hit them many times, sometimes changing the direction). The only way the mines can enter to find enemy worms is the hole caused by Air Strike, since the worms must be placed at the bottom, not on the blocks, and the mines will only explode if they get activated by going nearby the worms.

There are oil drums, land mines and crates that may release sheeps in the air ("Sheep Heaven" effect), adding luck factor to the scheme and more explosions and flamelets on the map. Worms are anchored, so it's very hard if not impossible to collect a crate. If many turns pass and players were not fortunate enough to kill enemy worms because the mines are plopping too much, Mole Squadron (x1 ammo; delay 15), Earth Quake (x1 ammo; delay 20), and Mike's Carpet Bomb (x1 ammo; delay 25) will appear after their very long delays, to help players to end the game and determine a winner.


  • Each team must place its worms at the bottom floor (NOT at the blocks) on one of the sides (example: red team on left and blue team on right).
  • Air Strike first turn.
  • Areas where it is written "don't break here" must not be intentionally aimed to be destroyed, specially on the very first turn (when using mine strike).
  • Eliminate enemy worms to win.

Tips and tactics

  • Think well where to place the worms at the very beginning, worms will not change the positions unless they are pushed by explosions or flamelets.
  • Think well where to open the ceiling with Air Strike according to the enemy worms positions, since worms cannot be controled, and it will be this same hole that will be used to throw mines at enemy worms for the whole game, except if the other weapons with very long delays get unlocked.
  • When using Mine Strike, try to calculate where the mines will go considering all the blocks they will hit, or at least just try to make the most possible quantity of them fall inside the enemy area, to increase the chance to hit a worm.


The original map + scheme was released by chester, on WMDB on 30th July 2010.

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